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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Event Challenge #1

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Event Challenge #1

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on-and-off since its release and I started to feel like the game was becoming a bit stale, so Artura Dawn kindly started giving me some challenges to spark up the fun again. I figured that perhaps writing some articles as I do them might not only inspire me to dive into the game more but also help others that might also be losing their spark for it! 

For this month, considering I started the challenge late, I am going to make a singular article attempting the three events. Next month they each will have their own. At the end of the display there will be a video for anyone that would like to see it in motion! Without further ado, here are the challenges!


Gardening Event2

The very first one I am going to attempt is February 2022's gardening event. With a mix of the items they gave during the event and my own, I will attempt to make the best design I can. This year, ACPC had a chocolatier themed gardening event that included trees, tables, a shop front, chairs, and a chocolate fountain. I didn't know I would be doing the challenge so I only got the bare minimum this time around.

February was a tough month as everything in the events was outside of my usual theme and comfort zone; that being said though, I did manage to create a little chocolate shop that I was satisfied with after playing around a bit with the design! This particular challenge had little room for other items since the ones from the event were so large and took up most of the space. I tried adding at least one of each decoration obtained from the event and completed the rest with my own items. Check out the video here!  

Chocolate Shop

For anyone looking for references, these are the items I added from my own collection:

I did end up appreciating what we got for the gardening event after finishing the challenge, as I originally thought that the items would only really shine through with the newest terrain. However, making the design would have been much more enjoyable had I been allowed to use more of the cabin. I hope Nintendo someday lets us decorate the missing space left! 


The next challenge was the most difficult one as I scarcely had an idea of what I wanted to do. This year, the fishing tourney gave strange items of an exhibition that included a crown, some lasers, diamonds, and rugs. I specifically considered using all of this as fodder to Gulliver should it ever be necessary because it is definitely not something I could see myself using. I made two different designs: In one of them I was stealing a sword from the exhibition and in the other, I was a wealthy princess showing off her prized items. I decided on the latter as the first one was underwhelming. Check out the video here!

The heist

This design gave a bit more room for me to use items I owned but — unfortunately — I don't have a lot of items for the cabin nor that fit the elegant exhibition theme. I wasn't as satisfied with this one as the chocolatier shop, but it was very fun to make regardless! The items of my collection I used were: 


And now, the last challenge! I had been looking forward to the gyroidite event as soon as I saw the preview because the dog chair was absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the items are also quite big, so it wasn't possible to do what I had originally planned to do for my cabin. That isn't to say I didn't end up happy with the design I managed to make! For this one, I thought of two ideas: a dog library and a dog cafe. After making both I decided that the library was better, much to my dismay, as I am utterly obsessed with Brewster. Check out the video here!

Puppy Library

The items given in the hunt have a very pleasant colour palette to them and one that is easy to match with some others we have gotten before. Aside from that, the doggy library was much closer to my style, so I had plenty of items to match with it! The only thing was that I did regret not spending Leaf Tickets on the recently reissued crochet-style items. The things from my own collection I used for this last challenge were (all of the tea-olives were from a previous event):

This design was very fun to make as it had such a light-hearted and relaxed vibe to it. The items given to us at the event were truly beautiful and I was glad to see that the best one — the deluxe dog bed — wasn't a paid item. 

Writing this article really did bring back a lot of fun to the game for me and perhaps it was always intended that we challenge ourselves to design with what they give every month. I have seen some players on reddit mention that they feel judged or bad because of their designs and I felt the same as I explored these ideas that are so outside of my comfort, but at the end of the day, we all have to remember this is just for fun and should be relaxing, never stressful! 

I invite every player, new and old, to join in on the event challenges I will be doing henceforth! I even invite you to show me your designs as I have shown you mine. Tweet at me, join GameGrin's Discord, or leave a comment below! Let's talk about it.

Animal Crossing: Event Challenge
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