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Diaries of a Jedi Knight: Dark Forces part 3

Diaries of a Jedi Knight: Dark Forces part 3

The gun I recovered from the smouldering remains of the TAK base on Talay had the initials MR, the calling card of notorious weapons developer Moff Rebus. Intel tells us that the Moff hides in a facility underneath Anoat City, the entrance hidden in the sewers. Jan and I landed outside the city, and immediately detected the Moff’s signature defence: droids. I thought I’d seen enough of those metal bastards in the Clone Wars, but apparently not.

Stealth was not an option on this mission: one droid had seen us so they would all be looking for us. Blaster out, I moved swiftly towards the drains, knowing I was headed in the right direction because of the smell. I found myself in a square opening with a control panel nearby, with four drain gates leading away. Our intel told us that there were three switches hidden somewhere behind these doors, and hitting them all would lead me to Rebus.

The control panel opened up the drain to the west, and proceeding down there led me to a series of waterfalls. Falling down the first, I swam to a ledge and was ambushed by some more flying droids. As their circuitry exploded upon the floor, I took an elevator up to another floor. The first switch was in this room, and pulling it raised the sewage in the room I was looking into through some windows.

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Returning to the waters, I fell down another waterfall to reach a huge dumping pit of a room. There were still a couple of droids down here, showing Rebus’ paranoia, but my main concern was what lurked beneath the surface. Dianoga, tentacled beasts with stalk eyes and huge mouths, could feel me disturbing their water and flocked to me. Turning on my headtorch I scanned the water’s surface, desperately searching for the eyestalks.

I probably killed 10 or 20 dianoga before I found the door out, though I did find a small armory where I could restock. The door led to a staircase which led to another elevator, and I soon found myself back on the landing pad. Jan glanced up from behind the cockpit’s window, casting a dirty look at the me. I looked at myself, and grimaced: I desperately needed a decontamination shower. I returned to the square and reactivated the control panel, opening the next grate.

Letting the flow take me down this drain, I jumped out onto a platform to my left narrowly avoiding a waterfall. I flicked the switch in front of me and saw a door open in the lower room, and seeing no other way out of this sewer I dove back into the murky sewage and let the current take me through the door. After falling in the dark for some time, I found myself in a sluice room. My headtorch found a door almost immediately, and passing through led me to a tall tube room. I activated a switch on the wall and the room started to quickly fill with sewage. I treaded water until it reached the top, and slipped into a rush of water.

 20170125214619 1

The current swept me past droids and dianoga alike, and I was thrown out into the courtyard room. Pulling myself back onto the platform in the centre gasping for breath, I inhaled and almost choked: I really needed that shower. Activating the control panel for a third time, I passed through the third grate and was swept into a large room. I grasped for a ledge and pulled myself up, spilling sewage on the somehow white floor. I climbed an elevator, and activated the switch at the top. The sewage in the room lowered and I spotted a door across the room.

I swam across the room, and through the door. Inside I found a staircase that led to a balcony overlooking the room behind the second grate, and flicked the switch on the wall. The water level rose, and I made my way back to the central courtyard room, activating the control panel so that the second grate was open again. This time, I was able to swim right across the room and into a new corridor. Once again the current swept me forwards, and over the edge of a waterfall. Splashing into standing sewage water, I emerged surrounded by droids. I destroyed all of them but my shields were beaten up: I couldn’t afford to take any more hits.

The room I was in had several tall pillars, and the closest to me had an elevator attached to the side. Reaching the top, there were three-eyed fish bastards - the Gran - throwing thermal detonators at me. I ducked the first and shot the thrower, but a second one caught the edge of the platform and I was thrown backwards into the waters below. Climbing back up to the tower, I fired my blaster and knocked the Gran off the platform.

 20170125215038 1

I jumped across the pillars and onto a ledge running around the top of the room, and passing around the corner I found another Gran. I shot the thermal detonator in its hand before it could throw it, and jumped across the gap between the platforms. Running down the corridor behind the now dead Gran, I activated double doors and surprised four droids behind them. Behind the smoldering electronics was a locked door, though smashing the interface soon opened them.

Inside were more droids, though the adrenaline made my shots fast and true and their parts clattered to the floor. I climbed a staircase and found Moff Rebus hiding at the top. I radioed Jan, and escorted Rebus back to the Crow in restraints, taking great pleasure in how dirty they had gotten in my journeys through the sewers. Damn do I need a shower.

Diaries of a Jedi Knight
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