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Five Cosmetic Mods for Baldur’s Gate 3

Five Cosmetic Mods for Baldur’s Gate 3

With almost any game, there comes the urge of humankind to mod it. Doesn't matter how nice the base game is; there's something in our DNA that cannot be denied. While Baldur's Gate 3 mods had a slow launch, the game has been out long enough now that we have a nice plethora of things to choose from.

After corrupting my first 30-hour playthrough because I made the vital mistake of removing a mod that said, in capital letters, DO NOT REMOVE, I've made sure my mod choices are thought-out, mostly cosmetic, and won't (fingers crossed) completely fry my game.

That said, here's my fair dues warning that if you use mods, you're doing it at your own risk. Always back up your game files prior to installing something new, and make sure to check for any new posts by the mod authors before installing and after new game updates. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Let's get on with it, shall we?

Half-illithid without black veins and etc

by Samurai / uploaded by Decompflash

Due to the nature of this one being a literal spoiler if I go beyond the title, the mod's concept is in the name. Black veins and weird teeth are removed from your character after…choices are made. If you're like me, I want my character to look good and have evil, corrupting power. Thanks to this mod, you really can have it all!

Eyes of the Beholder

by Labotor

This one adds some fun eye options to the character creator and lets you have more freedom with what you're going to be staring at for the next 100 hours. The presets are lovely.

Eye of The Beholder Screen Shot

Vessnelle's Hair Collection

by Vessnelle

I love changing my character's hair mid-way through a game to show character progression! —Okay, no, actually, I like changing it because I always get sick of the original by the halfway point. Now that Larian Studios has added a way to edit your character's appearance whenever you want, hair mods have become a top priority for me. Vessnelle gives you some fun, fresh options.

Extra Dyes for the Fashionable Folk of Faerun

by AstralSprout

Do you want more dye options? Do you want prettier dye options? Do you want dye options that technically defy the laws of physics on how dye works? This one's for you. AstralSprout has created new colourways and placed them into dyes. They are, in my humble opinion, much better than the vanilla ones offered in-game. I will not admit just how long I've spent sitting there, going through every single dye opinion for every single member of my camp. It's a problem, alright?

Basket Full of Equipment

by AnteMaxx

This mod had taken hours of my life. Basket Full of Equipment makes it possible to summon a basket at will that is full of most of, if not almost all, of the armour, accessories, and dyes in the game. It's like playing with dolls. There's also a safe-for-work version and an NSFW version. Do with that what you will.


And there you have it: Five mods that will hopefully make your playthrough a little more unique. Quite honestly, Baldur's Gate 3 is the game I've had to mod the least, as it really is basically perfect.

Tina Vatore

Tina Vatore

Staff Writer

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