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Some Of The Bug Fixes Counter Strike 2 Has Had So Far AD

Some Of The Bug Fixes Counter Strike 2 Has Had So Far

When Counter-Strike 2 launched at the end of September 2023, our hearts dropped at the thought that our beloved CS:GO would disappear as we know it. Though that would be okay for most games, as they do launch newer ones due to tech evolution, it was a disaster for people who thrived on CS:GO. The game was created by Valve in 2012, as a multiplayer, tactical first-person shooter game. Cementing itself at the forefront of esports as we know it, the game had an average of 900,000 players per month, and even saw up to 1.5 million at one point. We loved it, and so did everyone else – and then came Counter-Strike 2

Launched as an initial beta throughout the year, it was evident that there were problems from the get-go. We let it slide, because that’s what happens with new games, but they never got resolved. While the world eagerly awaited the real launch at the end of September, the drop in excitement hit when we realized there were many bugs to be fixed. Luckily, there’s plenty of time for breathing room and bug fixes, so we weren’t too harsh on the developers, seeing as CS:GO had over a decade to end up perfect. The slew of bugs has been coming thick and fast, despite promises by Valve that the game would be on point. Long-term fans were patiently waiting, but the development and patches have been undertaken pretty quickly, so we can’t complain.

This article looks at some of the bugs that caused chaos when CS2 first launched, and how they’ve been fixed for us. Now that the game is beginning to find its feet, it’s attracting an enormous amount of interest from esports players and fans, and a lot of people have begun playing competitively, ramping up their skills, and betting on CS2 tournaments. For a while, it was touch and go as to whether people would be satisfied, but the esports tournaments for next year are already in preparation, and Counter-Strike 2 will be heavily involved. So, what bugs have been addressed?

1) Michael Jackson

Though it looked pretty cool, it was annoying for players on the opposite team. A bug arose in the first weeks that enabled your in-game character to act like Michael Jackson, and begin moonwalking. While going around the map, Michael’s renowned walk is used, and users took to Twitter to express their anger about this bug. Not playing a polished game can aggravate people who are professionals, so Valve managed to patch this bug very quickly. Now, it’s a distant memory, in the form of a meme, that will go onto the list of all the weirdest bugs of all time.

2) Bugs on Every Map

This is one of the newer fixes that Valve made at the beginning of November. Taking over a month to get patched, this bug required a lot of technical changes. The maps had a range of issues, specifically relating to bombs, and that’s all been fixed. You were unable to find bombs in fountains easily, which has been dealt with, along with the way they bounce off the floor.

All of the silly mistakes like misaligned surfaces, the geometry of visuals, and clipping issues have been fully rectified – along with very minor tweaks like a railing on the balcony being removed and a garage door being changed. It’s also worth noting that some of the maps changed significantly, so you’ll want to spend some time re-learning them.

Overall, the minor nuisances that were cropping up throughout gameplay have been amended, and the glitches should now stop.

3) Movement and Sound

When CS2 first launched, players were complaining that their characters felt like they were wearing ankle weights, because they moved so sluggishly. People struggled with the bunny hop move, as the character would get stuck on their first jump. The patch was extremely easy to fix, and people using private servers managed to do this themselves.

It wasn’t just movement that annoyed people; there were also sound issues. Picture sitting by the speaker at the movies, and that’s how you would have felt playing CS2 when it first launched. The ambient sound was very loud, and the directional sound was impossible to sit through. It felt like every player was walking beside you, as they hadn’t done the calibrating correctly in development. This caused some players to falsely move, react or hide, which could sabotage them in the game.

4) Cheats

You’ve heard this before, and you’ll hear it again. CS:GO was flooded with cheaters, and the developers never combatted the problem. There was an issue when CS2 first launched that the “anti-cheat” function was glitching and the servers were full of people not playing correctly. Though the developers of CS2 made an anti-cheat mechanism, they just didn’t ramp it up at the point of launch. Finally, they bolstered their defenses and the amount of cheaters in the game has dropped considerably. As well as patching up this issue, the developers also stated that all "associates" of banned cheaters will lose their profile rank and rating, which is very important!

We know some of these sound minor, but many long-standing players of the game were pretty upset by them. As of today, though, all of these bugs have been patched and we’re thinking that CS2 is going to be even better than CS:GO. Watch this space!

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