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The 12 Days of Gamesmas — Day 5

The 12 Days of Gamesmas — Day 5

And Fighting in River City
My Former Loves
Nameless Men
Many Sinking Ships

Crusading Kings

Genre: grand strategy simulation
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Though Gamesmas is a holiday that can be enjoyed by all regardless of background or beliefs, Christmas is a celebration near and dear to me personally. It is thus fitting to include a title touching upon the darker, more violent years of the holiday's religion, the Crusades. This list is turning out to be a bit on the darker side, huh? Nonetheless, in Crusader Kings III, you can live through these tumultuous years, leading your own dynasty into riches or ruin!

Constantly growing and expanding, this title has received numerous fixes and extra content after its release, allowing players to dive ever further into the intrigue and cloak-and-dagger world of mediaeval politics! And hey, if Christmas isn't your particular cup of tea, you can always start your own religion and spread it across the land! I hear GameGrinnism is a great name, wink wink. Crusader Kings may not be the most festive title, but it’s constant twists and turns, in addition to semi-historical events and bloodline management, it's easy to lose hours, days, or even weeks into this behemoth, not even mentioning the modding scene!

The 12 Days of Gamesmas
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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