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The 12 Days of Gamesmas — Day 6

The 12 Days of Gamesmas — Day 6

And Fighting in River City
My Former Loves
Nameless Men
Many Sinking Ships
Crusading Kings

Drunken Dwarves a-Digging

Genre: co-op, first-person shooter
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It’s almost a week after the big day, with the new year on the horizon. Some will use this time for reflection, some will forge new goals and promises for the new year, and some, like us, will be getting absolutely hammered out in space before setting off for another mission for the Deep Rock Galactic company! Though not the newest game on the list, this title keeps on getting content in the form of new seasons, new weapons, and seasonal events, so there’s always something to look forward to.

A combination of serious co-op shooter, mining simulator, and mess-about-with-your-friends-em-up, Deep Rock Galactic is a great title to play with friends, though the single-player mode is nothing to sneeze at either! The missions are varied enough to keep it fresh, while the different abilities and guns of the four dwarves make the team synergy feel rewarding. And if that hasn’t sold you on the game, the main hub area of the game could be counted as a game all on its own! Rock and Stone, my friend.

The 12 Days of Gamesmas
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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