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The 12 Days of Gamesmas — Day 7

The 12 Days of Gamesmas — Day 7

And Fighting in River City
My Former Loves
Nameless Men
Many Sinking Ships
Crusading Kings
Drunken Dwarves a-Digging

Happy Hounds a-Healing

Genre: RPG, action

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The world of Final Fantasy XVI may not be the happiest place, as few stories worth telling are forged in times of peace and calm, but regardless, the tale of Clive Rosfield and his turmoil is worth checking out. There is a strong theme of growing up, dealing with adversity, and forgiveness that may come as a surprise for some, but which may offer some food for thought to those planning their goals and vows for the coming new year.

It also helps that the game is beautiful to look at, the characters are enjoyable, the score is amazing, and to top it all off, you have a little (big) doggy you can pat and ask for heals. What more could you want during the holidays? Oh, and there is a big, fiery puppy, too. If that's not enough, the game also contains one of the worst mothers in the franchise!

The 12 Days of Gamesmas
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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