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The GameGrin GrinCast! Episode 15 - Clickbait, Hate & Mad Max Game Reviews

The GameGrin GrinCast! Episode 15 - Clickbait, Hate & Mad Max Game Reviews

This week on the GrinCast we go over why gamers as an audience can't separate their own opinion from those of video game reveiwers, using Gamespot's review of Mad Max (6/10) as an example.

The video we discuss on the episode can be found here. Give it a watch and come back - we'll still be here to talk it through.

Disclaimer: None of the speakers on the pod tonight have actually played Mad Max. As such our opinions are based on watching live streams and gameplay, and not actually playing it physically. Watch out for a GameGrin review for Mad Max in the near future.

We are now also available on iTunes!

As always if you want to talk about anything in the GrinCast leave us a comment!

Alex Hamilton

Alex Hamilton

Staff Writer

Financial journalist by trade, GameGrin writer by choice. Writing skills the result of one million monkeys with one million typewriters.

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CraftyAK - 10:44am, 4th September 2015

Yay now your on itunes I can download it all to my ipod

Hamiltonious - 08:24pm, 7th September 2015 Author

We aim to please! Hopefully we'll be making some changes that'll improve the podcast even more.

CraftyAK - 09:57am, 9th September 2015

can't wait to hear what you talk about this week

B-Hole Jones
B-Hole Jones - 07:16pm, 7th September 2015

Alex u sound a bit poorly i rly hope u get better soon.