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The GameGrin GrinCast! Episode 41 - Studio Closures and Angry Gamers

The GameGrin GrinCast! Episode 41 - Studio Closures and Angry Gamers

This week on the GrinCast we're talking about the unfortunate closure of Evolution Studios and the end of Scribblenauts. What's next for the teams? Is Sony cold-hearted for closing Evolution Studios, especially after offering positions to developers from the recently shut down Lionhead Studios?

We're also talking about angry gamers. Why are gamers so quick to anger? Is it a pre disposition or characteristic that leads us to play games or does gaming cause the short temper? Or is gaming just that frustrating? Listen in to find out more.

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Calum Parry

Calum Parry

Staff Writer

A bearded fellow whom spends most days gaming and looking at tech he can never afford. Has a keen eye for news and owns a dog that's a bear.

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Acelister - 08:34am, 25th March 2016

Down the the old regime, revolution! Revolution against the Hamiltonious oppressors!