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The Lack Of Mainline Mario Games On The Nintendo Switch Is Disappointing

The Lack Of Mainline Mario Games On The Nintendo Switch Is Disappointing

The Nintendo Switch has a great library — I don’t think anybody would argue against that. It has platformers, strategy games, adventure titles, and so much more. There’s so much stuff to play for basically everyone. But what it doesn’t have is enough mainline Mario games.

Super Mario Odyssey is the last original 3D platforming adventure released for the Nintendo Switch, and we’ve gone even longer without a brand new 2D entry in the series. We have New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, but those are ports, and Bowser’s Fury is a very short game coming in at around three hours if you want to complete it. So why is there no Italian plumber right now? It is nice to see some variety on the Switch, especially after the Wii U, which had too many Mario games and was severely lacking in its representation of Metroid and Kirby. It’s also worth noting that variety is vital in the videogame industry, and overindulging in a particular franchise is bad for everyone, not just the fans. But it could also be argued that Nintendo has been milking its series on its current platform as it used to, just not the usual candidates. The Switch has had many Kirby and Fire Emblem games in recent years, and that’s great for fans of those series. However, for people like me, who love Mario, it’s disappointing, and with something very special on the horizon, it’s also a mistake on Nintendo’s part.

In April of this year, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released, and it will probably do exceptionally well at the box office. With its clever marketing, gorgeous animation, and confusing casting choices, the hype for the film is at an all-time high on the internet and among friends and families. The movie might also introduce people to the world of Mario, so there’s just no getting around the fact that the lack of games is a missed opportunity. Before the February Direct, the possibility of Nintendo announcing a new entry seemed like it was a guarantee. Instead, the company announced a slew of ports and remasters while barely acknowledging the man with the red cap’s existence. This was a brilliant opportunity to capitalise on the hype and reveal a new Mario title, but Nintendo just didn’t do it. Heck, another lazy New Super Mario Bros. game would’ve sufficed. Just give us something to play that isn’t another sports game or Mario Party title, please. So many people are going to be wanting to play through the series, and they’ll be forced to play a bunch of older releases instead of having a fancy new release to go along with their new favourite movie. It sucks.

Now, a movie tie-in title can be risky, and it can feel like it was rushed out the door just so the developer can make some quick cash without much effort. That isn’t what I’m asking for, though; I want Odyssey 2. I want Super Mario Bros. 4. There is no way in heck that Nintendo couldn’t have made these games in time for the movie to come out. Maybe we’ll get them after the fact, but still, by missing out on this golden opportunity, Nintendo is shooting itself in the foot and is missing out on what is essentially free money. Sometimes it feels like Nintendo doesn’t even want to make money and would rather go hog wild with something new even though the other option is more profitable. It’s kinda weird, honestly.

The Lack Of Mainline Mario Games On The Nintendo Switch Is Disappointing2

If we are getting a new Mario game soon, that’s great. Maybe the development is focused on the next title right now, which will come out on the Switch’s successor sometime in 2024. Shifting focus to the next system is smart because releasing a 1st party title as massive as Mario right before the hardware comes out is a bad business move and can lead to customer confusion. Still, though, the lack of mainline Mario games on the Nintendo Switch is disappointing no matter how you slice it, and the guy’s disappearance is rather strange. You’d think Nintendo would want the huge sales that come from a new release and use it to get the Switch over the hump and into the number one spot on the highest-selling consoles list. With the new movie coming out, you would also think that Nintendo would be racking in the cash and pumping out a game to tie into the film’s release. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Of course, this being at face value. We could very well get a new mainline entry that will blow gamers’ minds and show off wild creativity and innovation in a Direct sometime in June. Even if that is the case, though, and it’s a 3D title, it will have been nearly six years after Odyssey, and if it’s a 2D game, it will have been nearly 11 years since that last happened. And that just isn’t enough Mario for my liking.

Jon Wilson

Jon Wilson

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Jason Hunter
Jason Hunter - 05:29am, 13th March 2023

I'm a huge fan of Mario Galaxy 2. Would ge great to see an option for Mario games that the difficulty level can be set and adjusted and combine the more challenging aspects of Galaxy’s final stages and Mario 64. Don't care for Cappy. I prefer powerups over capturing. The new complex moves are a plus. I would like to get rid of shake controlling and just have a mapped button for that. The shake controls are improved over the Wii, but its annoying that the character will miss read a move from your wrist just because you moved your hand suddenly differently. Open worlds of Odyssey is good. And would really like to see more difficult enemies. The shadow Mario in Galaxy was great! Just add more dynamic complex play, and for those who are less experienced give them an option to help them along the way. Not everyone needs their hand held to cross the street. I know Nintendo is focused on family games, but Nintendo should also remember, making games challenging and difficult to win on your first try is also part of what makes gaming fun. You get greater satisfaction after completing a difficult task. Just have the experience and journey a rewarding one that you’ll stay motivated to play through till the end.

The perfect run, love that level. 

Big Blue
Big Blue - 05:40pm, 13th March 2023

Super Mario 3D World, NSMB U, Odyssey, Super Mario Bros 1 2 3 and lost levels, 6 golden coins, Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy would like to have a word with you.

eSonOfAnder - 03:22pm, 14th March 2023

There are never a large number of mainline Mario games for any console generation. The total number of them from the beginning of the franchise is still relatively low given the timespan. Would Odyssey 2 have been nice? Sure. Did anybody really expect it (other than maybe you)? No.