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The Pals Anime Lounge Episode 13 - Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-

The Pals Anime Lounge Episode 13 - Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-

Welcome to the Pals Anime Lounge, a podcast where a bunch of pals get together to talk about anime using the three-episode rule!

This episode the Pals - Nikki, Ace, and Rhodes - sit down to discuss Tsukimichi -Moonlit Fantasy-, adding one more to the isekai count for the Summer 2021 anime season. Listen in to find out what each of them thought of the first three episodes of this action fantasy series where the protagonist gets called "hideous" by a goddess and looks to get his own back on her, while building a city in the process.

Next episode: Cheat Pharmacist's Slow Life: Making a Drugstore in Another World!

New episodes of the Pals Anime Lounge go live every week on Thursday and Saturday at 8pm UK time. New to the Pals Anime Lounge? Check out the pilot episode to learn more about the Pals and how the podcast works, then look for an episode that covers a series that interests you to hear more.

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