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The Pals Anime Lounge Episode 0 - Pilot

The Pals Anime Lounge Episode 0 - Pilot

Welcome to the Pals Anime Lounge, a podcast where a bunch of pals get together to talk about anime using the three-episode rule. 

In each episode of the Pals Anime Lounge, the pals - Nikki, Ace, and Rhodes - will talk about a currently airing anime having only watched the first three episodes and decided if it's one to keep watching. With the Summer 2021 anime season underway, they might have bitten off more than they can chew with over 20 different shows to watch and discuss.  

In this pilot episode, the pals go into more details about how the Pals Anime Lounge will be structured along with explaining more about themselves and their anime history. New episodes will go live every week on Thursday and Saturday at 8pm UK time. So look forward to the pals talking about Peach Boy Riverside on Thursday, 22nd July and Scarlet Nexus on Saturday, 24th July with plenty more to cover after that. 

You can find a video version of this podcast on our YouTube channel.

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The Pals Anime Lounge Podcast



Give it a listen and find out!

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