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What We're Playing: 18th-24th May 2020

What We're Playing: 18th-24th May 2020

Adam Kerr

Andrew Duncan

Blake Hawthorn

mafia ii definitive edition screenshot 0


We asked Elisa why they were playing Resident Evil Revelations 2 this week. Here's what they had to say:

"I find myself going back to Resident Evil Revelations 2 almost every week to play with my friend. The weekly raids and challenges are fun and interesting and something we can do together. I wish there had been more attention paid to the game (there are a few bugs that have always been there) and that there were more character or costume options but it's a nice game to jump in for an hour or so a day."

Erin McAllister


hatsune miku project diva mega mix screenshots 9

Isaac Todd

James Martin

Jamie Davies

Joshua Lin

counter strike global offensive screenshot 12

Mister Woot

Owen Chann

Richard Shivdarsan

Steve Greenfield

What We're Playing
Judgemental Waifu

Judgemental Waifu

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