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What We're Playing: 19th - 25th April

What We're Playing: 19th - 25th April


Alana Dunitz

Andrew Duncan

Danielle Winter

potion craft alchemist simulator screenshot 1


"I've been playing this with my partner and so far, we've not had any major fights." - Dominoid, talking about It Takes Two


Erin McAllister

deus ex mankind divided 5


Jessica Greenfield

"It's like Stardew Valley, but you're a cat - what's not to love??!!" - Jessica, taking about Cattails


azur lane screenshots 3

Luke Greenfield

"With Season 9 just around the corner, I'm making sure I collect all the battle pass rewards before the season ends." - Luke, talking about Apex legends

Mister Woot

What We're Playing
Judgemental Waifu

Judgemental Waifu

Staff Writer

Married a light cruiser. No, really

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