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What We're Playing: 5th–11th February

What We're Playing: 5th–11th February

Alana Dunitz, aka retrogamergirl

Alyssa Payne, aka Allie

Coffee Caravan

Andrew Duncan, aka Acelister

Anna Duncan, aka CraftyAK

Bex Prouse

News Tower

Chloe Maria

Chris Wootton, aka Mister Woot

Erin McAllister, aka Erinisfrustrated

Chronique des Silencieux


Jacob Sanderson, aka BiggestBoss

Kyle Nutland, aka Whayyel

Dead Cells

Martin Heath, aka Thejakman

Mike Crewe, aka MickSaveMOYF

What We're Playing
Kyle Nutland

Kyle Nutland


Will always jump into a game on the hardest difficulty and get absolutely wrecked. Obviously, it’s never his fault.

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