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Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator—Casual by Whitethorn Digital.


Website www.coffeebeansgame.com
Developer Whitethorn Digital
Publisher Whitethorn Digital LLC
Platform Mac, Windows
Where to buy Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator on Steam
Genres Casual, Indie, Simulation
Release Dates
1st July 2017 — World Wide
Score 7/10

What Nathan Lakritz thought:

7.00/10 7

“I went into Beans expecting a frantic coffee shop game, and instead found a peaceful store simulation. Still, the game is just fine as a slower-paced goofy title. From start to finish, Beans shows everything that goes into running your favorite local coffee shop, and that nothing beats a freshly brewed caffeinated beverage.”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review

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Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator Review Review