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Crusader Kings II—RPG by Paradox Development Studio.


Website www.crusaderkings.com
Developer Paradox Development Studio
Publisher Paradox Interactive
Franchise Crusader Kings
Platform Linux, Mac, Windows
Add-ons/DLCs Crusader Kings II: The Republic
Expansion - Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury
Where to buy Crusader Kings II on Steam
Genres RPG, Simulation, Strategy

What Ryan Davies thought:

7.50/10 7½

“The narrative element of Charlemagne proves to be a bit of a let down, but potentially a rough introduction to something similar, but better, later down the line. The very small additions like an overhaul of the regency system and climate/attrition mechanics are all good, even if a lot of players will probably overlook them. It’s a good reason to get into Crusader Kings II yet again, even if it’s not the best addition yet.”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review