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Crusader Kings II Way of Life Released

Crusader Kings II Way of Life Released

Paradox Interactive have announced that on the 16th of December they will release the new Way of Life DLC for Crusader Kings II.

The DLC gives your rulers a “way of life” by assigning them a focus that will give a boost to their skills and affect the way in which they behave. There are ten different focuses available to your characters:

• Rulership – Be a better king!
• Business – Gold is good
• Hunting – Kill the beast!
• War – What’s yours is mine
• Family – the most important thing, right?
• Carousing - Father Jack mode
• Seduction – Joey from Friends mode
• Intrigue – Garret you Taffer.
• Scholarship – We love to learn
• Theology – George Carlin mode

As well as all of this, you get hundreds of new events and 20 new event images which tie in to your focus. Some specific events can only be triggered by specifically focused rulers. 

Christian Wootton

Christian Wootton

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