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Website https://www.onestepfromeden.com
Developer Thomas Moon Kang
Publisher Maple Whispering Co., Ltd., Thomas Moon Kang
Platform Mac, Windows
Where to buy One Step From Eden on Steam
Genres Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Release Dates
2019 Windows — World Wide
26th March 2020 Nintendo Switch — World Wide
Score 6/10

What Isaac thought:

6.00/10 6

“With how disappointed I am in the final product, it’s still hard to call One Step From Eden a bad game. The boss fights are memorable, it has an appropriately fast-paced soundtrack, and for brief moments it can feel like a complete, cohesive experience. However, the roguelite elements are just not implemented well enough to make each run feel fresh, and actively work against the decent core battle system.”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review