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Blizzcon17: Overwatch to get New Blizzard Themed Skins

Blizzcon17: Overwatch to get New Blizzard Themed Skins

Get ready heroes to unlock some new cosmetics for your heroes as Overwatch is getting plenty of Blizzard-themed items in early 2018.

Announced during Blizzcon 2017 the reveal shows off some of the new skins we can expect to see coming to the game. From an Immortal Orisa, Barbarian Zarya and even a Nova Widowmaker skin, there is something for everyone. Additionally the young crusader Reinhardt, as seen in the latest animated short, will be coming to the game along with Ecopoint Mei.

There is sure to be plenty more in the way of cosmetics coming to Overwatch as part of the Blizzard World update next year. For now though, you can enjoy a small preview in the below video.

Blizzcon 2017
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