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Development Spotlight: Earthfall

Development Spotlight is designed to raise awareness of games that are in development, the studio behind them, and updates to titles that are still in production or early access.

Aliens and monsters have swarmed Earth after the impact of a global meteor strike, humanity now fights for survival with whatever tools and weapons they can find. Earthfall is a cooperative, first-person, survival shooter being developed by Holospark.

There are 10 diverse levels to explore in Earthfall and each of these will reveal the story of the title. Players will need to strategically deploy defences such as barricades and turrets in order to maximise their effectiveness. There are over 20 different weapons that can be 3D printed in-game, bringing the right gun to the right situation is integral to survival.

The Seattle based studio has a mixture of talented developers from Bungie, Activision, Amazon Game Studios, Monolith, Cryptic and Sony Online. Holospark boast quite the impressive portfolio of work and have contributed towards titles such as: Destiny 2, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, No One Lives Forever 2, Call of Duty 3, F.E.A.R, Bioshock Infinite, Dawn Of War III and inFamous 2.

Holospark are looking for content creators to help promote Earthfall, successful candidates will receive early access to content releases, exclusive merchandise and in-game items.

Earthfall is currently in Early Access on Steam and will be coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon.

Development Spotlight
Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

Social Manager

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Rasher - 06:32pm, 13th April 2018

I can see this being my new L4D game, hope it plays as good as it looks, we are supposed to be testing it out over the next 2 weeks and streaming it.

LittleBigBoots - 06:48pm, 13th April 2018 Author

The more I see of it the more interested I get. Can't wait to see the stream!

TheSphericalCat - 08:48pm, 13th April 2018

I played this today and it was really fun, it's an excellent modern update to the l4d formula with better gun play and more interesting missions, I'm really looking forward to sinking more time into it

Alton - 08:07pm, 28th May 2018

This game is awesome. Let me tell you why. When I booted it up for the first time, I thought it was just another Left 4 Dead knock off. That was before I even started a level. I started playing and learned that not only is it not L4D, it's as if someone went back to L4D and made it 100 times better. In this game and video, you will experience aliens, death, enragement, guns, violence, SMART BOTS, and a hell of a lot more. Enjoy the game for yourself and don't forget to hit the LIKE button for more! https://youtu.be/itp6aOCVn6I