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Development Spotlight: Grabity

Development Spotlight is designed to raise awareness of games that are in development, the studio behind them, and updates to titles that are still in production or early access.

The fast paced, physics-based arena brawler, Grabity, features combat robots armed with gravity guns. Players defy the laws of physics to launch themselves across the arena to grab power ups, debris and items to fire at each other or to use as makeshift shields. The objective is simple, eliminate the other players to gain points. The title will feature 2-4 local multiplayer, custom game modes, and unique arenas to battle in.

Game Jams have been the starting point for so many great games and innovations within the gaming industry. Grabity is a perfect example of this and New Zealand based developer, Ninja Thumbs, have continued to build on and improve their game since 2016. Their effort has paid off and rewarded them with winning the Kiwi Game Starter in 2016 and the Pax Aus Indie Showcase in 2017.

Grabity has a lot of potential and is one to keep an eye on, it will be available to on Steam soon.

Development Spotlight
Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill

Social Manager

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Acelister - 06:41pm, 20th April 2018

You had me at "gravity gun". Man this looks like a laugh and a half.

LittleBigBoots - 12:34am, 21st April 2018 Author

It really does!  Its a simple concept that Ninja Thumbs have taken and made into a wicked looking game. Game Jams are the best.