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Epic Games Store Weekly Free Game 01/09/2022

Epic Games Store Weekly Free Game 01/09/2022

This week's free game on the Epic Games Store is...

Knockout CityShadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Submerged: Hidden Depths are free on the Epic Games Store from 4pm GMT on 1st September 2022 to 4pm GMT on 8th of September 2022.

Knockout City

Publisher: Electronic Arts, Developer: Velan Studios

Knockout City is now Free-to-Play, inviting brawlers everywhere to experience the frantic, non-stop action of dodgebrawl. Team up and duke it out with rival Crews in EPIC DODGEBALL BATTLES.

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Knockout City

Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

Publisher: Square Enix, Developer: Eidos-Montréal, Crystal Dynamics, Nixxes Software

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition experience the final chapter of Lara’s origin as she is forged into the Tomb Raider she is destined to be.

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shadow of the tomb raider definitive edition definitive edition pc mac game steam cover

Submerged: Hidden Depths

Publisher: Uppercut Games Pty Ltd, Developer: Uppercut Games Pty Ltd

Boat, climb, interact and explore in the beautiful ruins of a sunken world.

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