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Fantasy Farming: Orange Season - What's in the August 2020 Update?

The Early Access farming/life simulator RPG from Tropical Puppy, Fantasy Farming: Orange Season, has just been blessed with a new content update on Steam. Wondering what you can expect to find upon booting up your newly-updated game? Read on for the significant additions and changes:

  • All-New Fishing System - With Dozens of fish to catch.
  • New Tamed Animal Behaviour - Tamed animals now possess a regular routine and will leave "gifts" for the player.
  • Sheep Added to the Game - Including the new material, wool.
  • New Interiors - For the barn and coop.
  • Four New Villagers - Gary, Yumiko, Shinnosuke and Kaori.
  • Expanded Interactions With Certain Villagers - Martin, Mia and Prince.
  • Improved Graphics - Particularly concerning trees, animals and the mountain regions.
  • Redesigned Festival Locations
  • In-Game Portraits For Every Character
  • Changes to Farm Animal Management - A bell can be used to direct or gather animals.
  • Wind Animations For Trees
  • Bug Fixes and General Improvements
  • Adjusted 'Game Zoom' Level
  • New Sound Effects - Footsteps, for example.
  • Improved Methods of Adding and Changing Gamepad Profiles

For the full changelog, check out Fantasy Farming: Orange Season's Steam News page.

The latest update is out now for Fantasy Farming: Orange Season on Steam Early Access.


Jamie Davies

Jamie Davies

Staff Writer

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