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Take Charge and Persevere in the Classified: France ’44 Release Date Trailer!

Let me set the scene: it's '44, and you're in Nazi-occupied France. D-Day is coming, but it's a gamble at best. To make sure victory is achieved, you must lead the Jedburghs, an elite team of special forces working with the Resistance. Make every bullet count and every kill worth the risk as you experience history firsthand in Absolute Games' upcoming WWII turn-based strategy title, Classified: France '44!

You are outgunned and outmanned, that is clear from the star, so the use of clever tactics and strategic thinking is key: set up ambushes, keep overwatchers handy, but be careful of friendly fire. Classified: France '44 promises a unique morale system where not only do you have to consider if shooting an enemy is worth the risk of missing, but both your weapons and morale may degrade with time. One wrong move may turn the tide to your advantage or detriment. Featuring a replayable campaign with 15 endings and historically authentic gameplay, strengthen the Resistance and make D-Day a success!

Classified: France ‘44, will launch 5th March on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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