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10 Videogame-Themed Underwears

10 Videogame-Themed Underwears

So you’ve got a special someone coming over and want to impress them with your videogame prowess. You need a special something for that someone, but who am I to mention unmentionables? That’s right, a hard-hitting videogame journalist! So here’s what you can expect to see in upcoming clothing lines from some of your favourite franchise names.

10 - Assassin’s Creed briefs

Just like your ancestors before you, expect to keep your secrets close to you. Although the look of them may just surprise anyone you show - as just like an Assassin these briefs are invisible until they strike.

9 - Deus Ex bra and briefs

Though you may be expecting something high tech, don’t get your hopes up. The bra is a conspiracy and the knickers are full of (plot) holes.

8 - Halo thermals

You might expect some green fatigues, but you’d be disappointed. An all-blue, form-fitting design taking after the ship AI Cortana, though not nearly half as intelligent. Available for male or female.

7 - Aliens: Colonial Marines mens briefs

Although the designers won’t say exactly why they chose this over other games in the franchise, these black briefs pack a lot of junk into a tiny space.

6 - Sonic The Hedgehog g-strings

If you’ve ever been pricked by a hedgehog, you can imagine the damage one might do whilst spinning at 120mph. The designers of these were certainly thinking of it when they chose to make the Sega mascot’s signature brand a g-string. Designed more for cool style than comfort, expect to be quite uncomfortable, but undeniably awesome.


5 - Angry Bird jockstraps

Rovio were quite clear with the designers that the brand remain true. And so the only underwear that can act truly like a catapult was chosen, available in a variety of colours.

4 - Five Nights at Freddy’s lace teddy

The designers were given the games in advance of their meeting with developer Scott Cawthon, and went in with several ideas. As soon as they sat down, Mr Cawthon stated they would produce a brown lace teddy with googly-eyes on, then promptly left the room giggling to himself. One for those who like the unknown in the bedroom.

3 - Watch_Dogs shapewear

For a game about technology with everything looking nice and smooth, of course you want underwear that copies that aesthetic. However, like the game, your body will still be full of bumps and blemishes under the surface.

2 - Tomb Raider bra and hipsters

With ten main titles to choose from, it was hard for designers to pick that iconic look. So they went for the classic look, with a pointy green bra and brown hipster briefs. The hipsters are designed to look like they have holsters attached, though the designers suggest not even keeping spare change in them.

1 - World of Warcraft control briefs

They may be nick-named ‘granny panties’ by the world at large, but that doesn’t stop them being practical. Although they may not come with expansions once or twice a year, they will still be comfortable no matter how much you expand.

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