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E3 2019 - Microsoft Overview

E3 2019 - Microsoft Overview

Xbox hits the ground running with a claim of 60  odd games, so let’s start counting down the list and seeing just how impressive that catalogue really is. Sure enough, there’s some major hits shown and the promise of xCloud as well as the next generation of Xbox Elite controllers and the upcoming Project Scarlett console for Holidays 2020. This is sure to be a stacked announcement for Microsoft's E3 conference.

Outer Worlds starts the show and it’s a right treat, with a trailer to show us the world, its premise, and what to expect. Obsidian creates a vertical slice that just whets the appetite, but jokes aside does look very promising just sadly lacked the gameplay to show the meat beyond scripted interactions. Bleeding Edge looks like Ninja Theory’s take on the MOBA shooter formula, reminiscent of Battleborn, let’s hope it doesn’t fall to the wayside with its bizarreness.

microsoft e2

To something more dark but just as colourful, Ori And The Will Of The Wisps wrenches the heart once again with its cute mascot you want to protect. Everything seems to be on point as expected, it does everything to prove it won’t fail expectations as a sequel to its critically acclaimed predecessor, or live in its shadow as much the darker tone suggests. Minecraft Dungeons, what’s there to say? It’s Minecraft meets a Roguelike dungeon game that’s got the weird charm of tactics meets Diablo, who knows? It’s just stupid interesting. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is shown too, though not much new seen if you followed the EA streams. But if you’re curious about it, it looks like a set piece game in a similar vein to the Uncharted series but with more emphasis on combat. And in a turn of surprise events, Blair Witch the game was announced so maybe hide behind the couch and hope the dog doesn’t get killed?

Cyberpunk 2077 has Keanu Reeves in it. Yes, THAT Keanu Reeves. The man looks as majestic as ever and is a sight to behold. We did see a very CGI heavy trailer which didn’t tell us much aside from world building. Spiritfarer was revealed and also looks interesting with the potential to be an indie darling with its distinct artstyle and take on a build-your-own base on a boat with a strong narrative. And last but not least, Battletoads. It’s Battletoads. I was born too late for it.

keanu reeves cyberpunk

And then came the onslaught of indie games announced to be added or be released on Xbox Game Pass. This included the charming and endearing RPGTIME! The Legend of Wright, 2.5D adventuring if Paper Mario happened on actual paper and could be folded from a kid’s lunch box toy. Speedy and Energetic Dead Static Drive, physics-based driving game with a weird alien walker? Macabre goes panto, Pathlogic 2, when adventuring takes a thrilling dark turn. Law-abiding starred Star Renegade, tactics RPG gone Rogue and evolving narrative. Drinker’s paradise Afterparty, bottoms up with a drinking session in hell. Physics in war, TABS Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, when throwing soldiers at the enemy becomes an actual tactic. I swear it’s gonna be The Goodlife, when comfy takes front and centre stage and feels weirdly like living in an English town.

Top down fight for your life CrossCode, a game of old but with the qualities of new for an inspired take on 2D Action RPGs. Pinball sword fighting Creature In The Well, it looks interesting, quaint, and rather innovative, let’s see where it goes. Not the bees! Killer Queen Black flies on the stage and claims the title of online action strategy platformer in this online arena. Cubed cage combat, Riverbond, a take on the top-down dungeon crawler but taken to a 3rd dimension. Sepia cinematic storytelling, Unto The End, 2D combat in an adventure to return home. Run and gun action of the iron snail kind, Blazing Chrome, take to the high streets and pilot your own arsenal of destruction. Living in the shadows takes a whole new meaning with Felix The Reaper, the game where you dance in the night to impress, and truly show the moves that kill.

Explore the underground in Undermine, dungeon explore, loot, and kill bosses in this dungeon-like. When you want to go shopping, but faster in Supermarket Shriek, this is something shown on Saturday-night TV right? When your neighbour tries to make your home theirs, again, Secret Neighbor, I said get out of my house! And take your friend with you! I fight for my friends Ikenfell, old school RPGs with new found friends. Nobody believed me when I was “Tolkien” about the Lord of the Rings Living Card Game, okay bad pun but hey now you have an activity as long as a movie. You asked for the Night Call my dear? Charming aesthetic in an interesting premise of a clock and meter running, better investigate smart chief. What if you took an art text book, and made it into a game? You get the visually eclectic Totem Teller.

xbox game pass

And then Xbox Game Pass details are finally released, it’ll come for PC and console separately. The PC beta starts now, and will cost $9.99 per month. However, you can purchase the monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that will give you Xbox Game Pass for PC and Console and Xbox Gold for $14.99 per month. As an E3 special, they announced it will cost only $1 for a month to trial it out. This will feature 11 games announced and will have 100+ games by August.

As for their closing notes, a slew of new games were announced and stated for 2020 release. Flight Simulator, take to the skies again in the 2020 release; Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition, remade but with overhauled content and remastered audio and art; Wasteland 3, Colorado never seemed more scary and “unique”; Psychonauts 2, a long-expected sequel that keeps its iconic style; Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, get bricked for a nine entries into the one game; Dragon Ball Project Z Kakarot, Dragon ball fight Friza once more for three hours again; 12 Minutes, imagine Live Die Repeat but more gripping and a darker and harrowing narrative; Way to the Woods, the most Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli movie-feeling game possible; Gears 5, it's getting weird and darker, the new escape mode that looks interesting with a bonus Terminator Dark Fate character pack; Dying Light 2, a short but interesting narrative shown in the teaser with the main character Aiden being an infected; Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions Pack, everything is awesome!; Gears Pop, an adorable take on the Clash Royale game formula; State of Decay 2 Heartland, two stories in the largest expansion to date; Phantasy Star Online 2, an MMO to surpass FFXIV; CrossFireX, an MMO shooter from the east to the west and maybe something to surpass Counter Strike?; Tales of Arise, a short and sweet trailer that just showed how beautiful it’ll look; Borderlands 3, nothing new just a trailer showing more Borderlands; Elden Ring, a very cinematic reveal of practically nothing unless you’re very much a lore junkie of George R.R. Martin books; and (arguably the most important announcement) Halo Infinite, Chief is back, need I say more?

project scarlett

And that’s the last of it, all 60+ games shown in Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference. But the most important bombshell dropped was the Project Scarlett, capable of running 120fps, 8K, and will be able to use a SSD as Virtual RAM to improve the game’s loading and fidelity. Obviously the games aren’t directly expected to be at 120fps and 8K, but the promise of it is enticing - especially when they tout this new console was taking feedback with Xbox Studio’s 11 studios to help improve their development progress. Details regarding xCloud was limited, but the new hybrid console stream service will be available in October this year. And with that, their E3 conference ended. What do you think? What were your highlights and lowlights? Type them out in the comments below. Keanu convinced me to buy Cyberpunk 2077.

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