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I'm Tired of Fighting Dragons in ELDEN RING

I'm Tired of Fighting Dragons in ELDEN RING

I'm gonna tell you a secret about me: I'm a moron. When I first booted up ELDEN RING, I forgot some of the most important features showcased on the gameplay trailer, including Torrent and the wyvern (I know they call it a dragon, but I REFUSE to be biologically incorrect!) fight.

So naturally, the moment I unlocked Torrent, I ran free through the streets of Limgrave in search of adventure. During my rampant search, I stumbled upon the lake in the middle of the map, and I was greeted by a giant dragon wyvern swooping from the sky, turning everything — including myself — into roast beef. I was exhilarated and scared to have the opportunity to fight.

Death after death while fighting without Torrent (because back then I wanted to fight every boss on foot), I decided I'd mount my trusty steed, which turned into one of the most fun encounters I've ever had in my time with FromSoftware titles. Flying Dragon Agheel was dead within a few attempts whilst on horseback; despite how easy the encounter was, it quickly became one of my favourite boss encounters in my gaming experience. I'd faced some memorable bosses — some even within ELDEN RING itself — but Flying Dragon Agheel quickly climbed up the ladder.

Flying Dragon Agheel Screenshot

Satisfied with my encounter, I moved on with the game and fought countless other bosses. I slew Margit, the Fell Omen; Godrick the Grafted; several Erd Tree Avatars; Leonine Misbegotten; Glintstone Dragon Marag; Red Wolf of Radagon; Ancient Dragon Lansseax; Decaying Ekzykes; Flying Dragon Greyll; Glintstone Dragon Adula; Borealis, The Freezing Fog... Slowly but surely, I fought dragon, after dragon, after dragon, after dragon, and the charm that Flying Dragon Agheel had was slowly dwindled by an overabundance of them.

Some of these brought what you'd call "some" differences to the table, offering what would be the "variety" in gameplay for fighting each of them, but after slowly reaching a dozen dragons, I began to realise that FromSoftware had done too much, and I was tired of fighting them.

The realisation occurred to me when I was fighting Borealis, as my wife started walking around me trying to grab some cables and apologised for distracting me, to which my response was "It's okay, honey, it's just a dragon". The words echoed in my head, as I'd betrayed what once was my favourite boss fight. I didn't remember Flying Dragon Agheel nearly as fondly as I did before, because the boss' magic was stripped by the repetition of fighting different iterations with little to no variation.

Borealis Freezing Fog Screenshot

In fact, while fighting Borealis, I began to feel actual boredom; I played more recklessly because I knew how to fight dragons, and Borealis was no different to the numerous others I'd fought. The charm of fighting one on horseback was lost when I learned the pattern of their attacks and how to avoid them all (something I'd already done by the time I defeated Flying Dragon Agheel). Suddenly, fighting dragons became a chore; this isn't something you want when there are well over 10 different versions to fight.

All I'm saying is, I wish the charm of Flying Dragon Agheel hadn't been marred by the countless battles I had to face against others, and it is a shame that dragons were so overused throughout ELDEN RING, seeing as it was one of the most fun bosses to fight whilst on Torrent's back.

What about you? Did you think dragons were overused in ELDEN RING, or did you actually enjoy fighting all of them? Let me know in the comments below! I genuinely wish I had loved each and every battle with them that I experienced whilst on my run.

Elden Ring
Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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