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What Happens When You Defeat the Grafted Scion in ELDEN RING?

FromSoftware has a habit of showing us how bad we are at their games early on; whether it is forcing us to fight Genichiro at the end of the tutorial in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, or the damned Cleric Beast in Bloodbornethey instilling a feeling of dread for all future bosses. So naturally, they decided to continue their tradition with ELDEN RING with the introduction of the Grafted Scion.

I don't even know how to describe this hideous mutant, as it has like four arms and one head with a screech as an attack, but it's technically humanoid. Several hours and 54 deaths later, I present to you what happens when you defeat this monstrosity.

What happens when you defeat the Grafted Scion?

Well, you don't get a cutscene congratulating you for your perseverance against fighting the boss for half a hundred repeats, but the game does reward you with two pieces of equipment: Ornamental Straight Sword and Golden Beast Crest Shield. Both of these weapons you can acquire later on in the game by returning to the area and killing it with a much more reasonable amount of health and stamina.

Although you'll need loads of Strength to equip the Golden Beast Crest Shield, you only need a bit more Dexterity than you likely already have to use your brand-new Ornamental Straight Sword. So, is it worth it to restart until you get these weapons?

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Hell no.

Jokes aside, the Ornamental Straight Sword can be good to use whenever running Dexterity builds, as its Dexterity scale is D. That said, the Samurai begins with the Uchigatana which should have a Dexterity and Strength scaling of D, so unless you like straight swords and want to build a straight sword Dexterity build, the boss doesn’t feel it's worth it to farm. It’s best to fight the Beyblade Crab when you’re intended to — later on in the game.

Thank you for coming to our article about what happens when you defeat the Grafted Scion! Did you freak out when you first died? Did you think you were going to be stuck for several hours? I, thankfully, was used to FromSoftware sending unbeatable tutorials my way at this point, so I knew I was pretty screwed when there were no tutorials.

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