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ELDEN RING: Margit, The Fell Omen Boss Guide

Class: Hero
Level: 32
Equipment used:

  • Weapon: Dismounter +3
  • Shield: Great Turtle Shell
  • Head: Godrick Soldier Helm
  • Chest: Knight Armor
  • Arms: Champion Bracers
  • Legs: Foot Soldier Greaves
  • Flask of Crimson Tears: 6
  • Flask of Cerulean Tears: 0

Deaths: 17

Elden Ring Margit The Fell Omen Boss Fight 4 35 screenshot

Margit is the boss that all of the Sites of Grace lead you to and proves to be one of the toughest early game challenges. One of the main things about fighting Margit is that you can accidentally stumble upon him far too early in your journey, so you won't actually be able to defeat him with ease.

Before fighting Margit, I heavily recommend getting a 100 physical damage shield along with upgrading whatever your main weapon is to +3 as all of the areas available offer enough materials to upgrade. Not increasing your weapon's damage will lead to very slowly chipping away at his health, and making the fight far longer than it needs to be.

Fighting against Margit is easier if you do have a 100 physical damage shield; however, he will also deal chip damage with his light weapons even if you do have the right shield. I heavily recommend using a mixture of blocking and rolling to fight against the boss.

One final thing worth noting: Margit's arena is long but very thin; try to fight him through the length of the arena, as a lot of his attacks (especially if you block) have a mild knockback effect that can throw you off the deep end.

Attacks you should be able to easily punish (and how I performed them in the video)

First Stage

Elden Ring Margit The Fell Omen Boss Fight 0 21 screenshot

Immediately as the fight starts, Margit is across the battlefield. One of his dagger attacks from a distance is him attacking with two daggers (as he does at 0:16 in the video), so keep your eyes peeled for him pulling out his daggers. If he does this, raise your shield and move towards the right to avoid one dagger, then change trajectory towards the left to avoid the second one.

As you finally reach him across the battlefield, raise your shield before getting too close as he might perform the attack seen at 0:21 in the video. If he does, block the first hit and immediately start moving directly to the right whilst pressing yourself against him. By doing this, he will miss his second downwards thrust, which should allow you to land a hit or two (three and maybe four with quicker weapons). Do not try to roll nor dodge towards the left, as this will prompt a light dagger attack that will deal chip damage and is far too quick to dodge.

At 00:30 in the video, Margit prepares an attack. This attack can go one of two ways depending on your relative distance to him. If you stick close to him (as I did in this part of the video), you need to delay your roll for about three seconds. You can see in his cape just a bit before he does the attack, though doing it by the visual queue can be an arduous task, so I recommend getting used to the delay instead. Rolling forward towards the right of Margit will allow you to get two hits on him.

At 1:1 in the video, Margit lunges in the air and stabs his weapon on the ground. You'll want to dodge before he lands and try to do so forward, as doing so will allow you to hit him twice. Immediately after doing so, roll out of the way as it might trigger a tail whip attack since you are behind him.

Attacks you should block (or dodge if possible)

First Stage

Elden Ring Margit The Fell Omen Boss Fight 0 43 screenshot

As a general rule of thumb, it's a good idea to keep your shield raised whenever fighting Margit, as his attacks have a very long reach and can often be very quick; from 0:27 I raise my shield in anticipation for one of these attacks. That said, once you get a quick break, make sure to lower your shield to restore some of your stamina so that your posture doesn't break.

At 0:40 in the video, you can see I block two attacks back to back but choose not to attack. This is mostly because I want to keep as many Crimson Tear Flasks for the second stage.

At 1:24 in the video, Margit does a wide attack with his weapon. This combo fires a light dagger very quickly with a small window to dodge it; as such, keep your shield up to tank the attacks, as taking a direct hit from the dagger can deal a lot of damage that you can't afford. If he follows up his combo with a thrust attack in which he raises his arms to his sides, move to the right whilst pressed against him, as this is the only counter-able part of the combo. 

Second Stage

1:33 in the video

Elden Ring Margit The Fell Omen Boss Fight 1 34 screenshot

At around 60% of his HP, Margit will retreat and will begin a quick monologue whilst holding a light hammer over his shoulder; keep your distance when he's doing this. His entry to the second stage sees him do a quick spin with the hammer that deals damage before he leaps high in the air to slam down.

This stage introduces two new light weapons that Margit will wield throughout the battle: the light hammer and the light sword. Same as the light daggers, these two deal chip damage through your shield. The reason you'll want a lot of available flasks for the second stage is so that you can shield all of the light attacks without worrying about dying from them.

Additionally, although I fight the boss without any summons, you can summon them in the first stage to get to the second one reliably or summon them in the second stage to finish him off.

Attacks you should be able to easily punish (and how I performed them in the video)

Second Stage

Elden Ring Margit The Fell Omen Boss Fight 1 37 screenshot

At 1:33 in the video, Margit changes to his second stage; you can punish this by waiting for him to levitate for a bit before he lands aggressively; dodge forward as soon as he lands and hit him once. This attack has a deceptively small recovery window, as it seems Margit would need to recover more from this attack, but he doesn't.

At 1:39, Margit pulls out a giant hammer and hovers it over his back. Run towards him and time his attack to roll through it; this will allow you to hit him once. 

Attacks you should block (or dodge if possible)

Second Stage

Elden Ring Margit The Fell Omen Boss Fight 1 57 screenshot

At 1:51 in the video, Margit pulls out a light sword and prepares for an attack; this will turn into a spinning combo in which he will hit interchangeably with both of his weapons. Since he leads the attack with his light sword, it is preferable to dodge the first attack although if you have enough vitality and the right shield, tanking the chip damage might be worth it. To dodge it properly (like I didn't do in the video), wait for a mild delay as he pulls out his sword and then roll repeatedly until the combo finishes 

At 1:57 in the video, Margit stabs with the light sword then continues into an intricate combo interchanging between his two weapons. The best thing to do here is to block the entire combo; however, if you notice the stab, try to avoid the second attack by rolling backwards to get out of reach for the rest of it.

Boss Reward


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