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You Know You’re Addicted To Dead by Daylight When…

You Know You’re Addicted To Dead by Daylight When…

Welcome to another edition of You Know When You're Addicted To, this time we will be talking about Dead by Daylight and how you can be addicted to it.

As you may have noticed by now, Dead by Daylight can get a little addictive. I have written in the past about being addicted to Pokémon GO, Assassin’s Creed and so on but today it’s all about Dead by Daylight and how we might be addicted to it. There will be a list below like in my other articles, but don't be worried: you may not be the only one out there.

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Dead by Daylight is out on consoles, Windows and soon to be on mobile, some of us might own it on everything and others might only own it on one thing, but you can still be addicted to something no matter how many times you own it.

Dead by Daylight first came out in June 2016 on Windows, yet players had to wait a whole year for it to come out on Xbox one and PS4. By 2019 Behaviour Interactive finally decided to bring it out on the Nintendo Switch. As I loved Dead by Daylight so much I thought “what the hell, let’s buy it on the Switch Lite” that had also recently come out, and well don’t get me started. But I did already write about it.

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Anywho, it’s clear to say that I am addicted by all means on Dead by Daylight - do you think you might be too? Then why not read below and see if you are an addict like I am. If there is anything you don’t see feel free to comment below and let me know how you may be addicted too.

Here’s a list I compiled of “You Know You're Addicted To Dead by Daylight When....”:

  • You imagine pulling down any wooden pallets you see.
  • You look at small ledges and think 'I could jump that'.
  • You come across a generator and automatically want to repair it.
  • When you see someone cosplaying as a killer you hide behind things to avoid them.
  • You hear humming and start looking out for flying axes.
You Know You're Addicted
Anna Duncan

Anna Duncan

Head of Article Quality Assurance

May very well be an assassin with a wrist blade and everything.

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LeeuwinIsRank1 - 08:48pm, 15th September 2020

I started playing in March and from now on, I play 9+ hours per day. DBD is literally my life now, tho I hate it sometimes. I never raged so much against a game, sometimes I'm about to cry, on the verge of tears because of how toxic can other players be and deranking, etc... Still, I can't stop playing, even worse, I can't stop THINKING about DBD 24/7. I don't know if I'm the only one having this kind of hate-love relationship but it's a thing! 

CraftyAK - 09:04am, 16th September 2020 Author

I have been playing a long time now and there is times where I really hate the game and then love the game, there is alot of toxic people in the game but I try to keep myself to myself and keep an eye on others also so then I know when the best time to work with them or not.

Your not the only onw with the hate-love relationship I feel for you there.

LeeuwinIsRank1 - 09:06pm, 17th September 2020

Glad to see I'm not the only one! It never happened before.

userx - 03:53pm, 28th September 2020

I decided to quit this game. Too addictive and very frustrating sometimes as a killer. I uninstall and reinstall  10 to 20  times before quitting for good. I can relapse time to time. It was easier to quit smoking. Good luck guys.

CraftyAK - 03:55pm, 28th September 2020 Author

I do get frustrated sometimes, this is why I have backed away from it from time to time and now and again go back for an hour or two, its alright if your in the right match where there is a proper team working together, but when there isnt it can get very boring.

LeeuwinIsRank1 - 09:14am, 29th September 2020

It's even worst as killer I think. And @userx, I totally share your opinion! For my part, I'm also passionate with a project I had for a novel since 1 week, so I don't play as much ^w^ Even if I rage like mad when I do x')

CraftyAK - 09:18am, 29th September 2020 Author

I have tried being a killer myself but I dont see much joy in it really, its more fun being a survivor and having to be chased then to chase someone.

I think the big mess of the game is the matchmaking, the ranking is terrible you could go up against a killer who is a rank 1 and your a rank 10 or something and get killed within mins of starting the game.

I think if they honestly listend to people about the ranking issues then the game would be more enjoyable.