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You Know You’re Addicted To Watch_Dogs When…

You Know You’re Addicted To Watch_Dogs When…

Welcome to another edition of You Know When You're Addicted To, today we will be talking about Watch_Dogs and how you can be addicted to it.

I’ve played Watch_Dogs a lot and now I have it on Steam to play yet again because it's just so addictive. You have Aiden Pearce who is out to find the person responsible for killing his dear niece Lena in a car accident. Aiden is well known for hacking various things from banks, traffic lights and so on all from his phone.


One year after the accident Aiden tracks down Maurice at the baseball stadium and questions him as to why he made the car crash, and after tormenting Maurice Aiden leaves him in the hands of his friend Jordi. Aiden then hacks his way out of the stadium and is chased down by police but Aiden is too clever and manages to get away.

Aiden Talking to Maurice

With my first time playing it I honestly thought it was a bit naff where you’re hacking to get your way out of somewhere but then when I managed to get out of the stadium and to a car I had to quickly escape the police. When you managed to escape them it told you to bring up your GPS to find your way to the motel where Aiden was staying. You get to his room where you sleep on a bed that saves your game, then it teaches you the ways to find crimes and mystery cases with money/parts in.

My favorite part of the game would be going around hacking different things: from people's phones to traffic lights to trains. It made me think what it would be like if that really could happen, walking around one day then you pull your phone out to hack the traffic lights to be able to drive to work or your destination quicker, and I know there are some out there that would love the same and come on who hasn't already tried to dress like Aiden or maybe one of the other characters in the game?

watch dogs 4 1020

Anyways, here’s a list I compiled of “You know you're addicted to Watch_Dogs when....”:

  • You start dressing just like Aiden.
  • You start driving your car like he does.
  • You think you can hack people's details though your phone.
  • You pull a banana from your pocket thinking it's a gun.
  • You think you can hack traffic lights.
  • You think if you find a QR code it will give you more skills.
  • Spend time trying to raise bridges that won't budge.
  • You pull up your collars and put on a hat to be inconspicuous.
  • When you can't get phone signal you're convinced you're being hacked.
  • You think your smartphone can pretty much control anything.
  • You speak in a monotone to everybody.
  • You like to guess the occupation of everyone you walk past on the street.
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