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You Know You’re Addicted To Just Cause When…

You Know You’re Addicted To Just Cause When…

It’s that time again for another edition of You Know When You're Addicted To! Today we will be talking about Just Cause 2 & 3 and how you can be addicted to them.

You can get Just Cause 2 & 3 on consoles as well as on the PC, and I have now played Just Cause 2 on everything it’s out on, having recently brought JC2 on Steam. At the moment I am going around mainly getting all towns/villages/military bases and cities that's 368 locations in total before I do the missions. I sometimes do takeover missions but I’m trying to do it different this time. I’m hoping to buy JC3 on Steam too, soon, having played it on PS4.

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Both games take a similar course; JC2 is based in and around the fictional Panau island nation. At the start of the game Rico jumps out of a helicopter and has to land in a military base to obtain five memory cards that contain volatile intel. After this, Rico can do more faction missions and stronghold takeovers or pursue more chaotic activities.

JC3 takes place on Rico’s home island of Medici, which sees him return home to stop the evil dictator who is ruling it with an iron fist. Rico jumps off of a plane in a hail of rocket fire to meet with the resistance, before beginning to take over the many towns and facilities run by the enemy, and of course pursue more chaotic activities.

I’ve currently played JC2 now on Steam for almost 55 hours and I’m 73% complete. That is before I’ve even thought about doing the main missions, which I have only done mission one and two so far. Because you have to collect 100 Black Boxes, 100 Skulls and 100 Drug Drops (which give you money and chaos points), it feels like it’s gonna take me until christmas to finish the game completely.


At the moment I’m currently doing stronghold takeovers and causing other sorts of chaos and I have to hunt down the wind turbines because when I see them for real all I can think of is “If I have a rocket launcher I would take them babies out and hear Rico’s evil chuckle”.

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Anyways, here’s a list I compiled of “You Know You're Addicted To Just Cause When....”:

  • Whenever you see something red, you instinctively reach for a rocket launcher!
  • When you wish you can grapple yourself up to the highest building.
  • You see a helicopter and want to grapple up to it to ride it.
  • You wish you had a parachute so you can glide everywhere.
  • When you see a generator you want to blow it up.
  • You think you have a wingsuit, and want to jump off of bridges.
  • You reach for your C4 when you see a bridge.
You Know You're Addicted
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