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Website www.l4d.com
Developer Valve Corporation
Publisher Valve Corporation
Franchise Left 4 Dead
Platform Linux, Mac, Windows, Xbox 360
Alternative names l4d2
Genres Action, First-person Shooter, Survival Horror
Score 9/10

What Christopher Wakefield thought:

9.00/10 9

“ The biggest issue with Left 4 Dead 2 is whether it should have been an expansion pack for the original rather than a stand-alone title. While this criticism certainly has its strengths, the variability, 5 new campaigns and a solid new multiplayer mode definitely outweigh the negatives. If you've never experienced the series, then this sequel provides excellent gameplay with great new additions. If you own the original, then you may be left a little disappointed with a largely similar gameplay experience. But that experience is tailor-made cooperative action in thoughtfully constructed locations with a great deal of replay value. However, it should be noted that Left 4 Dead 2 contains banjo music and if you're so cynical that that criticism seems legitimate, then it won't be for you. ”

Version reviewed: Windows Read the full review
Often/commonly misspelled as Left for dead 2,Left Four Dead 2,L4D 2