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GDC 2018: Facebook Releases Games SDK

GDC 2018: Facebook Releases Games SDK

Facebook has announced "Games SDK" this week at GDC, which will provide a platform for encouraging players to share their games live to the social media platform.

The beta is currently available only for PC, but Facebook aims to implement something similar for mobile too - and maybe even consoles one day.

Games that utilise this new SDK will allow players to livestream their games without any additional hardware or software. You'll simply be able to initiate your stream from in-game, and if the game supports it, those who tune in can even earn rewards. This feature will pilot later this week during the Paladins Premier League, Hi-Rez Studios' free-to-play hero FPS.

Facebook aims to add more sharing tools later too, giving streamers the ability to easily share their in-game clips amongst their followers, as well as allowing players to discover new squad mates with its friend-finder feature.

You can read a bit more about it here, where you can also sign up if you're an ambitious developer looking for the next big thing to jump into. 

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