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Zombie Hordes Galore in New World War Z Trailer

Saber Interactive has released a new trailer this week for upcoming zombie nightmare World War Z, showing hundreds and hundreds of on-screen zombies.

The new Swarm Engine will support "hundreds" of "zekes" running at you, and will keep together as a pack. They can climb too, so hiding atop of that roof may not last too long once you see a makeshift hill being formed before your very eyes.

There are some tactical features to try and defend yourself against this: Silenced weapons can help to prevent spawn points appearing near you. Good communication is imperative to success, though.

World War Z is due to release sometime in 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Make sure you don't leave without watching the trailer below.

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James Martin

James Martin

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Rasher - 04:36pm, 21st August 2018

This could give L4D a run for its money