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23rd Dec

Zoo Tycoon Community Challenges Aid Endangered Species

Every month, a new challenge will be issued to the community by developer, Frontier Developments. Once completed, Microsoft will donate $10,000 to a nonprofit organisation that the players have voted for.

The challenges are focused on a variety of endangered species, and the first round of voting is currently underway. Players are allowed to vote for which challenge they'd like to partake in from the in-game community page. The challenges for this month are:

  • Adopt 1,000 komodo dragons in Zoo Tycoon and Microsoft and Assaociation of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) donates $10,000 to the Komodo Survival Program in Indonesia
  • Release 1,000 rhinos into the wild in Zoo Tycoon and Microsoft and AZA donates $10,000 to help protect rhinos from poachers in the wild
  • Release 1,000 sumatran tigers into the wild in Zoo Tycoon and Microsoft and AZA will donate $10,000 to the Tiger Species Survival Program.

Voting closes on December 31st and the winning challenge will begin.

Kris 'Kaostic' West – Editor
Zombie slayer, quest completer, mouse clicker and, in his downtime, writer and press relations liaison.