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Gamescom 2014 Hub

Want to keep up to date? Check out our gamescom 2014 hub to see all the latest!

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Lootcrate Merchandise For Geeks

Lootcrate: A word you may have seen cropping up all over the place recently, and whether you have or not, you’re probably wondering what exactly it is. Well, worry no more,…

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Habitat Preview

When Habitat gets updated more, it will be well worth the asking price. There is no save facility yet, but Steam allows screenshots with F12 so you can show people your creations without saving. An end objective or set missions will improve it past a fun

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30 Aug 2014 Preview

NBA 2K15 Gamescom Preview

I had one question for the NBA 2K15 representatives at this year’s gamescom: why do the NBA 2K games always look so damn good? They had a pretty simple answer for me: 85% of…