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Destiny on PlayStation 4 Giveaway

We're giving away Destiny on PlayStation 4! Find out how.

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Far Cry 4 Preview

The world of Kyrat is one that Ubisoft Montreal really want you to believe is real. Because of this, they have seen fit to make the hallucinations from Far Cry 3 a full feature within FC4.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Preview

The Batmobile squeals into view, driving at speed along one of the numerous bridges that dot Gotham City.

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Gamescom 2014 Hub

Want to keep up to date? Check out our gamescom 2014 hub to see all the latest!

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19 Sep 2014 Article

Top Upcoming Games 2015

With the buzz of Nintendo’s E3 performance now finished and the Gamescom trailers still relatively fresh in our minds it seems that after a sparse year of releases for both…