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Latest Previews

A Druid's Duel Preview

A Druid’s Duel is one of those fairly normal tile chessboard style games that bears a strong resemblance to Risk. Any fans of strategic battle games may find some…

Preview - 23rd Mar 2015 0 Read

Rising World: Preview

Oh, Rising World, how you tickled my creative functionality. Throw me in the middle of the woods with nothing but an axe, pickaxe, and a few basic item recipes, and you have…

Preview - 17th Mar 2015 0 Read

Armello Preview

Videogames have historically taken a lot of hints from boardgaming; it’s a point I argued rather strongly in a recent feature piece. What’s more, there are plenty of…

Preview - 6th Mar 2015 0 Read

H1Z1 Preview

Not being an innately competitive person, I always shied away from titles such as DayZ and Rust. Almost every aspect of DayZ spooked me: the PvP combat, ruthless bandits,…

Preview - 4th Mar 2015 0 Read

Trash TV Preview

Don’t mistreat your out of date electronics - they might find heavy artillery at the junkyard.

Preview - 1st Mar 2015 0 Read

Fractured Space Preview

Fractured Space is a unique take on a combination of MOBA gaming and space combat simulation that uses a three dimensional map that you use to move around

Preview - 18th Feb 2015 0 Read

Infinifactory Preview

profile is an odd duck, part puzzler, part builder game, part sandbox.The plot of the game is pretty good, driving along a lonely road, some aliens grab you and cart you off…

Preview - 13th Feb 2015 0 Read

Stranded Deep Preview

A new addition to the survival genre filled with unique crafting, carnivorous sharks, cooking, and beautiful island scenery!

Preview - 9th Feb 2015 0 Read

Blitzkrieg 3 Preview

Blitzkrieg 3 is both an RTS and a TBS (turn-based strategy), set in World War II, with an online multiplayer element.

Preview - 6th Feb 2015 0 Read