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Latest Previews

World of Warships Preview

Fire everything! Much like Nero from Star Trek, I felt like yelling this every time I went into a round of World of Warships, and I must say it was a lot of fun.

Preview - 21st Apr 2015 0 Read

F1 2015 Preview

Our first proper look at F1 2015 is here. We talk about new visuals, new handling and an increased focus on presentation.

Preview - 16th Apr 2015 0 Read

Medieval Engineers Preview

From the creators who brought us the ability to simulate that boring Sandra Bullock movie, Gravity, comes Medieval Engineers. Keen Software House have moved on from their…

Preview - 3rd Apr 2015 0 Read

KeeperRL Preview

The dungeon simulator genre looks to return to fine form with Michał Brzozowski's newest Kickstarter

Preview - 31st Mar 2015 0 Read

A Druid's Duel Preview

A Druid’s Duel is one of those fairly normal tile chessboard style games that bears a strong resemblance to Risk. Any fans of strategic battle games may find some…

Preview - 23rd Mar 2015 0 Read

Rising World: Preview

Oh, Rising World, how you tickled my creative functionality. Throw me in the middle of the woods with nothing but an axe, pickaxe, and a few basic item recipes, and you have…

Preview - 17th Mar 2015 0 Read