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Latest Previews

Preview – 23rd Dec

Wickland Preview

Don’t tell the folks behind Fallout, but war has changed. The age of simple, pick-up-and-play arena FPS games is long over. Call of Duty, Battlefield and the like have shifted...

Preview – 19th Dec

Evolve Preview

We were quite sad when it got delayed to 2015 but after attending a preview event from 2K, I can see why Turtle Rock Studios decided to perfect this product.

Preview – 17th Dec

Magicka 2 Preview

Magicka 2, the sequel to Paradox Interactive’s 2011 title, puts you into the slippers of one of four wizards and has you return to Midgard, the setting of the first game,…

Preview – 7th Dec

Project Nimbus Preview

If Project Nimbus were a recipe it would say “Take a pinch of Armoured Core, add a dollop of Ace Combat, season with Gundam and mix well.”

Preview – 23rd Nov

The Crew Preview

Armed with a pack of Doritos and a bottle to piss in, Dom took to the roads of America to see what all the hype was about.

Preview – 12th Nov

BossConstructor Preview

BossConstructor is one of those games from the Kerbal Space Program school of thought: give a player a selection of spacey things and a rough idea of how a spaceship works and…