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Latest Previews

Into the Stars Preview

Space, despite its great darkness and seeming emptiness, is an incredibly beautiful expanse. Despite that, I would venture to say that few games have ever really captured that...

Preview - 1st Sep 2015 0 Read

Pollen gamescom 2015 Preview

Following in the footsteps of games like Gone Home, Pollen is an experience that is more like a story book than a game; meant to tell a story rather than thrill the player.…

Preview - 28th Aug 2015 0 Read

Action Henk gamescom 2015 Preview

Action Henk is designed to be hard. That is something that is made evident from just watching how the game plays. The game is made to require a great amount patience and…

Preview - 27th Aug 2015 0 Read

Stellaris Preview

“Paradox grand strategy in space” sounds more like a fan’s hopeful dream than it does a reality. For a development team that has, for 15 years, been focused on replicating...

Preview - 23rd Aug 2015 7 Read

Super Dungeon Bros Preview

Dungeon-crawlers have always featured a less-than-serious tone. Even the more imposing end of the spectrum, featuring the likes of Diablo and Dungeon Siege, has kept its tongue...

Preview - 23rd Aug 2015 0 Read

Master of Orion Preview

The story behind the conception of Wargaming.net’s revival of classic 4X strategy title Master of Orion is an unusual one. The World of Tanks creator’s CEO, Victor Kislyi,…

Preview - 22nd Aug 2015 0 Read

The Crew: Wild Run Preview

It’s fair to say that opinions on The Crew, Ubisoft’s most recent delve into the racing market, are pretty well split. Some didn’t enjoy the game’s online-focused world...

Preview - 22nd Aug 2015 2 Read

Hearts of Iron IV Updated Preview

It’s been a whole year since my last update on Hearts of Iron IV, with 2014’s gamescom providing my first in-person look at the latest WW2 grand strategy title from Paradox...

Preview - 22nd Aug 2015 1 Read

Typoman Updated Preview

Typoman was a surprise hit at last year’s gamescom, and by far one of my personal favourite games of the convention. It’s a basic platformer in most ways, but the ingenious...

Preview - 22nd Aug 2015 0 Read