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Latest Previews

Moonrise Preview

Moonrise, a Pokémon wannabe, hits hard, but it's F2P model breaks the immersion and feeling of exploration.

Preview - 10th Jun 2015 1 Read

Immune Preview

Considering the rather ridiculous number of open-world survival games currently available, you really need something special to sell a brand new one...

Preview - 31st May 2015 1 Read

Blitzkrieg 3 Preview

It’s been almost 10 years since the last Blitzkrieg game, a rather lengthy absence that’s not gone unnoticed by fans of the RTS genre. The series was once a standard bearer...

Preview - 21st May 2015 0 Read

Rocket League Preview

When I first heard “football with cars”, it didn’t appeal to me. On the face of it, Rocket League shouldn’t appeal to me. I don’t like football and I dislike…

Preview - 16th May 2015 0 Read

Warside Preview

As a rule, I try to avoid online shooters. And Early Access. So here we are.

Preview - 15th May 2015 0 Read

Steredenn Preview

From Pixelnest Studios we have ourselves a new bullet hell, rogue-like space fighting game. In Steredenn you are a spaceship isolated from your teammates after your…

Preview - 12th May 2015 0 Read