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Latest Previews

Trash TV Preview

Don’t mistreat your out of date electronics - they might find heavy artillery at the junkyard.

Preview - 1st Mar 2015 0 Read

Fractured Space Preview

Fractured Space is a unique take on a combination of MOBA gaming and space combat simulation that uses a three dimensional map that you use to move around

Preview - 18th Feb 2015 0 Read

Infinifactory Preview

profile is an odd duck, part puzzler, part builder game, part sandbox.The plot of the game is pretty good, driving along a lonely road, some aliens grab you and cart you off…

Preview - 13th Feb 2015 0 Read

Stranded Deep Preview

A new addition to the survival genre filled with unique crafting, carnivorous sharks, cooking, and beautiful island scenery!

Preview - 9th Feb 2015 0 Read

Blitzkrieg 3 Preview

Blitzkrieg 3 is both an RTS and a TBS (turn-based strategy), set in World War II, with an online multiplayer element.

Preview - 6th Feb 2015 0 Read

GRAV Preview

GRAV is in parts both beautiful and frustrating. Described as a crafting-cum-survival sandbox with multiplayer action elements, the game takes a pinch of Minecraft and a dash…

Preview - 4th Feb 2015 1 Read

Project CARS Preview

Details, the core of what makes a sim tick. Project CARS is going to deliver them in spades.

Preview - 28th Jan 2015 1 Read

Wickland Preview

Don’t tell the folks behind Fallout, but war has changed. The age of simple, pick-up-and-play arena FPS games is long over. Call of Duty, Battlefield and the like have shifted...

Preview - 23rd Dec 2014 0 Read

Evolve Preview

We were quite sad when it got delayed to 2015 but after attending a preview event from 2K, I can see why Turtle Rock Studios decided to perfect this product.

Preview - 19th Dec 2014 0 Read

Magicka 2 Preview

Magicka 2, the sequel to Paradox Interactive’s 2011 title, puts you into the slippers of one of four wizards and has you return to Midgard, the setting of the first game,…

Preview - 17th Dec 2014 1 Read

Project Nimbus Preview

If Project Nimbus were a recipe it would say “Take a pinch of Armoured Core, add a dollop of Ace Combat, season with Gundam and mix well.”

Preview - 7th Dec 2014 0 Read