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Latest Reviews

The Flock Review

The Flock is a unique first person/horror/multiplayer experience filled with creatures trying to kill the light carrier, a member of the flock who has become a humanoid who…

Review - 25th Aug 2015 0 Read

Legends of Eisenwald Review

With inspiration from Age of Empires and Baldur´s Gate, Legends of Eisenwaald sets us in a fantastic medieval Germany.

Review - 22nd Aug 2015 0 Read

F1 2015 Review

Drive at face-melting speeds in vehicles that cost more than a small country? Count me in.

Review - 21st Aug 2015 4 Read

Luckslinger Review

I need a night of relaxation - stat. My brain is overcharged, my hands almost crippled and my frustration levels very close to expiry point. It’s been a long, long time since...

Review - 10th Aug 2015 2 Read

TIS-100 Review

TIS-100 is a quite an unorthodox game, that emulates its plot and mechanics trespassing the fourth wall perfectly. This is why I’ve decided to write a review according to…

Review - 8th Aug 2015 0 Read

The Last Dogma Review

Unpolished, unacceptable, and unbelievably bad. The game opens with a tutorial that made me think that my gaming experience would be one filled with wit and parody, however I…

Review - 5th Aug 2015 0 Read