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Latest Reviews

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic Review

If you are going to try to create a RPG game that brings out nostalgia with its players, you should at least create something that is original.

Review - 17th Apr 2015 0 Read

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Review

So far, the PS4 and Xbox One have been pretty disappointing in terms of new franchises. Instead, we’ve seen countless ports of PS3 and Xbox 360 games making their way to the…

Review - 17th Apr 2015 0 Read

Paperbound Review

A new arena battle game is on the market, find out if it's worth your time.

Review - 16th Apr 2015 0 Read

White Night Review

Toughen up and plunge into one of the scariest and best-made games of the past few years, a journey with no return.

Review - 15th Apr 2015 0 Read

A Pixel Story Review

A blast to the past, A Pixel Story will take you through the history of gaming and how it evolved over time.

Review - 11th Apr 2015 0 Read

Hektor Review

Luke's quest for a Horror Game continues, and now his eye shave settled on Hektor

Review - 5th Apr 2015 0 Read