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Latest Reviews

Endless Legend: Guardians DLC Review

It’s finally here and it’s amazing, the first expansion pack for Endless Legend has finally arrived called Guardians. This expansion adds the intimidating units known as…

Review - 29th May 2015 0 Read

I Am Bread Review

It’s finally time to review I Am Bread, and as I sit here I realize that I don’t have the dough to hire someone to make up any witty bread puns for this review. Now before…

Review - 28th May 2015 3 Read

Omega Quintet Review

“Wherever Blare happen to appear, Verse Maidens are sure to be near!” isn’t even the worst quote.

Review - 28th May 2015 0 Read

Project Root Review

Argentinian studio OPQAM deliver a shoot-em-up with a twist (almost literally). We find out if it hits the mark.

Review - 26th May 2015 2 Read

Lemma Review

If the concept of free-running in an alternative dimension didn't sound appealing to you, maybe it's better if you didn't approach this game.

Review - 25th May 2015 0 Read

Guns, Gore and Cannoli Review

It’s not all that often a game makes me genuinely laugh out loud. The medium, for the most part, has never really been especially great at conveying comedy in a traditional...

Review - 22nd May 2015 0 Read

Magicka: Wizard Wars Review

Paradox is a developer and publisher widely known for its grand strategy games, but with Magicka it’s started a whole new set of interesting adventures, and the game was…

Review - 19th May 2015 0 Read

Invisible Inc. Review

Klei Entertainments strikes again with a polished, focused and enthralling game. What did they do wrong?

Review - 18th May 2015 0 Read

The Spatials Review

Welcome to the year 5781, where we need someone to run the space station in the new planet system we’ve just discovered, just like back in 1990 when we needed someone to…

Review - 17th May 2015 0 Read