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Latest Reviews

Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado Review

Europa Universalis IV is starting to get a bit crowded. In all fairness, any other game would have been swamped by the amount of DLC that the game currently offers, yet the pure...

Review - 20th Mar 2015 0 Read

Project Night Review

Let me make it clear from the start - if you haven’t read my Penumbra: Black Plague Review that I did a few years ago, then you may not know my preference towards…

Review - 20th Mar 2015 0 Read

Hand of Fate Review

Combining the collectible deck building side of Yu-Gi-Oh with the dungeon fighting scenes of Fable or Dungeon Siege, Hand of Fate combines a unique blend of card-dealing…

Review - 19th Mar 2015 0 Read

Deathtrap Review

Deathtrap takes all of the best elements of a tower defense game and adds its own unique and unexpected twist.

Review - 11th Mar 2015 0 Read

The Escapists Review

The Escapists launch on current gen feels like it slipped under the radar, but there’s good fun to be had with this puzzler.

Review - 10th Mar 2015 0 Read