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Latest Reviews

Review – 27th Nov 2014

PES 2015 Review

The annual carousel of football games comes around again, but how does PES fair against its nearest rival?

Review – 25th Nov 2014

Chariot Review

Truly cooperative video games are few and far between these days, so when a game like Chariot comes along, there is always a high level of anticipation among those of us who…

Review – 21st Nov 2014

Lords Of The Fallen Review

There’s no point in tiptoeing around it: Lords Of The Fallen is a game that’s more than just vaguely similar to FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series. Deck 13 Interactive and…

Review – 17th Nov 2014

Autocraft Review

If there is one thing that Autocraft has taught me it is this: if it doesn't work, strap more rockets to it.

Review – 14th Nov 2014

Randal's Monday Review

Comedy has always been a challenge for videogame developers. Gaming, at this point in time, just doesn’t seem to have a hook on the ability to make people laugh. There are...