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Shrinking Shapes Review

Game development might seem like a difficult thing to get into but with the indie scene thriving, the process is clearly not as daunting to many aspiring developers. Enter…

Review - 2nd Mar 2015 0 Read

Astray Review

The Puzzle-Horror genre is one of Luke's favourate, but can Astray live up to his expectations?

Review - 21st Feb 2015 0 Read

Evolve Review

My heart feels like it’s going explode inside my chest. I’m bounding as fast as I can away from the hunters on my trail, but they’re still hitting me, tagging me, slowing…

Review - 19th Feb 2015 1 Read

The Guilt and The Shadow Review

For some games, atmosphere is everything. What would Slender be without its dark forest and disturbing sound effects? Is Journey the same sensation without the arid desert...

Review - 15th Feb 2015 0 Read

Just Get Through Review

Just when you thought it was safe to super glue back together that controller you snapped in half playing Super Meat Boy, Just Get Through has appeared.The game, which is a…

Review - 15th Feb 2015 0 Read

ClusterPuck 99 Review

Recently there has been a resurgence in the local multiplayer scene, with PC leading the charge. Games like Nidhogg, ScreenCheat and SpeedRunners all successfully recreate…

Review - 11th Feb 2015 0 Read