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15 Oct 2014 Review

Pure Pool Review

Whenever a sports game is released, there’s always a group of people that will utter the same sentence with the same charisma of school children reciting a sentence off of…

14 Oct 2014 Review

Hatoful Boyfriend Review

Full disclosure, I’m a huge sucker for visual novels--the weirder the better. So unsurprisingly, when I heard that Hatoful Boyfriend was getting an English translation, I…

12 Oct 2014 Review

Alien: Isolation Review

Not only did Alien: Isolation decide to crush my certainties, it repeatedly rammed them into the closest object, leaving them a crippled mess of tattered hopes and dreams.

11 Oct 2014 Review

Gauntlet Review

The multiplayer dungeon-crawler has come a long way since 1985. Or, in other words, it’s come a long way since the release of the original arcade version of Gauntlet, arguably...

07 Oct 2014 Review

Etherlords Review

Having seen Etherlords only a month ago at Gamescom and previewing it, I decided I may as well write up about the game in full now that it is fully released.

01 Oct 2014 Review

Destiny Review

There’s a lot to say about Destiny. The intervening years between inception and release have bred a hype-train like nothing seen before it. But does it live up to it?