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Latest Mobile

Trials Frontier Review

The popular stunt bike physics game finally arrives on mobile devices, bringing flips and explosions with it.

Mobile - 16th Jun 2014 0 Read

Frozen Synapse Review

Frozen Synapse, from developers Mode 7, has carved a strong niche for itself since its release on PC in 2011 and since then it has landed on Android and iOS, making it easy to…

Mobile - 12th Mar 2014 0 Read

Hidden Files - Echoes of JFK Review

The hidden object genre is a peculiar breed. It is a sort of graphic adventure for those who can’t be bothered with proper exploration but who like to spend their time…

Mobile - 1st Mar 2014 0 Read

Waking Mars Review

Developers Tiger Style have enjoyed considerable success with their adventure title Waking Mars since its initial release on iOS. Having moved to a wide array of platforms…

Mobile - 13th Feb 2014 0 Read

Broken Sword: Director's Cut Review

The point and click adventure is an example of a niche genre that has endured over the years, despite its relatively limited target audience. The Broken Sword series has stood…

Mobile - 4th Feb 2014 0 Read

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Review

If the recent ports of early Final Fantasy games have shown anything, it’s that nostalgic mobile gamers are willing to pay a premium price for classic RPGs as long as the…

Mobile - 4th Feb 2014 0 Read

Robocop Review

Games licensed from movies have earned themselves a poor reputation in the industry, thanks in part to dire titles such as Home Alone, Hudson Hawk and of course E.T., with…

Mobile - 28th Jan 2014 0 Read

Tank Domination Review

Tank Domination is far from the likes of Words With Friends or Angry Birds that you would perhaps normally associate with iOS releases

Mobile - 23rd Jan 2014 0 Read