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Five Videogame Characters to Warm Your Valentine’s Day

Five Videogame Characters to Warm Your Valentine’s Day

It is that time of the year again where nothing is more important than red hearts and chocolate. I am of course talking about Valentine’s Day and though it is a time for love, it can often be a tad lonely. Fear not however as for those who are looking for someone to spend it with I have put together a list of five videogame characters who are sure to keep you warm during this most emotional of days. If you are familiar with my top five Destiny 2 waifus and husbandos list then you know what is coming.

So, without any delay let us jump right into our list of possible suitors.

Valentines Snake

1: Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid

He might be the product of the Les Enfants Terribles project making him a clone of the renowned soldier Big Boss, but Solid Snake is the ideal partner for this Valentines Day. Sure he is mysterious and a bit cold but he has saved the world multiple times. Should you be lucky enough to earn a place in his heart you’ll be sure to have a good time. With an IQ of 180 and being fluent in six languages, Solid Snake can show you the world and he is even a big fan of dogs. He might be a legendary warrior but even they need some love now and again.

Besides, who else can say they fought a T-rex looking robot in the name of love?

Valentines Bayonetta

2: Bayonetta - Bayonetta

A mysterious Umbra Witch who utilizes guns, demons and her hair to defeat those who stand in her way. Always a tease, Bayonetta is known for playing with those around her in a way that is sure to make anyone's heart race. That said, she is a powerful women of beauty and class so expect high standards. Should you be so lucky to win her heart however, you’ll be sure to have a long lasting and, dare I say, exciting relationship that will be full of surprises.

Also let’s be honest, those glasses are hella sexy.

Valentines 2B

3: 2B - NieR: Automata

YoRHa No.2 Type B or 2B as she is more commonly known as is an android created to battle the machine lifeforms that invaded earth. Able to unleash devastating combos with a multitude of weapons, 2B is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Outside of combat though she is often blunt and cold towards others showing no emotions akin to that of a kuudere. Deep down however, 2B has plenty of emotions and though the weight of the world might be on her shoulders she is a caring individual who is sure to be a partner for many lives over.

Just be aware of the fact she can easily beat you up and is likely to step on you.

Valentines Ada

4: Ada Wong - Resident Evil 2

The only women capable of surviving multiple zombie outbreaks in high heels, Ada Wong is a master of her art. Appearing in multiple Resident Evil titles and always changing who she is working for Ada is known for her class, attitude and style. In the recent Resident Evil 2 remake Ada wears her iconic red dress along with a raincoat and sunglasses that compliment her style. Don’t be fooled though, she is a complex individual who loves her work so don’t get in her way. Though if she wants to spend time with you, she’ll be sure to let you know.

Maybe if you are lucky she will let you call her mommy.

Valentines Doom

5: Doom Slayer - DOOM

Nothing says ‘i love you’ more than traveling to Hell to kick the ass of endless hordes of demons. The Doom Slayer might be a bit more on the adventurous side than others on this list but you’ll be sure to find a truly loyal companion here. Expect to be hitting the gym often and enjoying plenty of gorey destruction as you run, gun and punch your way to a lasting relationship. Besides, if nothing else the Doom Slayer has some massive arms which are sure to make for unforgettable hugs.

The helmet stays on though.

So there you have it, five videogame characters to keep you warm this Valentine’s Day. What do you think of the list? Who would you want to spend the day or even eternity with? Let us know in the comments below.

Valentine's Day
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