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Kirby's Adventure 30th Anniversary

Kirby's Adventure 30th Anniversary

Kirby’s Adventure, starring the super tough pink puff, was released 30 years ago in 1993 on the original Nintendo. This was the second entry in the Kirby franchise, the first being Kirby’s Dreamland that had been released on the Game Boy one year earlier. In this entry, gamers were introduced to Kirby’s iconic bright pink look that would be the iconic look that everyone knows. Personally, I first played Kirby’s Dreamland so I was expecting the white character that I saw in that game, I was excited to see the colourful world that was awaiting us.  

kirbyadventure dance

Kirby can still inhale air, inflating himself, letting you fly in the air to avoid enemies and hazards just like in the Kirby’s Dreamland game, but this was the first game to include the Copy Ability that Kirby is most known for. You inhale an enemy, hit down on the D-Pad, and Kirby would have the ability of that enemy. Kirby doesn’t have the super cute outfits that he gets in later games when he copies an ability, but he will hold objects like umbrellas or swords, or have needles that jab enemies depending on the enemy he consumed. This allowed Kirby to have a huge variety of power to use against the other foes in the level or to break blocks or barriers that may be in the way. From breathing fire, to throwing bombs, or turning the enemy into ice cubes, the Copy Ability added a whole new range of attacks that didn’t only involve inhaling a block or star and spitting it out at the foe. You still have the ability to do this, but it’s not the only move that you have in your arsenal. These abilities would let you access new areas that couldn’t be reached before and let you play the level in different ways. Some of the abilities had a limit of how many times they could be used, while others let you use it until Kirby is hit. If Kirby takes damage. the ability will bounce out looking like a star that can be inhaled and used again if you are fast enough.

kirbyadventure ability

Kirby’s Adventure has forty-one levels to play through over seven worlds. Each has a main lobby that has doors that will lead you to the levels contained in that world. Once completed there is a door leading to the boss of that stage that you will have to fight. Most of these worlds allow Kirby to gain spare lives by successfully playing minigames, including a crane game and a game where you catch eggs that King Dedede throws at you avoiding the bombs he sneaks in. They also have museums that have battles where you fight mini-bosses to replenish health and acquire abilities that you can equip for when you are entering a new level, or taking on the world boss. Your game is saved automatically after you complete a level or defeat a boss. If Kirby falls in battle or falls off the bottom of the screen you will lose a life, if you run out, then you will get a game over.

kirbyadventure museum

Kirby’s Adventure is known for its super tight controls and level variety, allowing players to travel through forests, ice cream worlds, and levels full of clouds. The music is catchy and super upbeat, especially when you complete a level and see multiple Kirby’s dancing or when you fight King Dedede, the battle music is truly iconic. There are a lot of reasons why it is considered one of the best games to have been released on the Nintendo. The game was remade for the Game Boy Advance with multiplayer support as Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland and appeared on the Kirby’s Dream Collection for the Wii and on the Nintendo Virtual Console, the NES Classic and on Nintendo Switch Online. Plus it is accessible for players of any age, adding to the series appeal.

kirbyadventure dedede

Over the years games featuring Kirby have been released for each console, but that first experience playing as the pink-hued cutie will always stick with me. I have played through the title multiple times, but the brightly coloured pixel environments, great soundtrack, and collection of adorably fierce enemies stick with me no matter how many other games I play. There is something special about this Dream World and the cute and innocent story of Kirby, the alien creature with the bottomless pit for a stomach. Here’s hoping we continue to get new games featuring our hero for at least the next 30 years. Though I will still come back to the original to refresh my memory on why I love this game so much!

kirbyadventure cranegame

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