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T-Pose's: Outfit Of The Month - August 2021

T-Pose's: Outfit Of The Month - August 2021

The end of Summer is upon us, but don’t put your sunnies in the drawer too quickly! We’ve still got some blindingly stunning outfits to go through before it’s time to say “Au revoir” to August!

Our nominees for our spiciest styles of August have been reviewed and ranked by the T-Pose Team, of which our aggregate score will determine who will covet the title of “Outfit of the Month”.

As always, we would love to hear any and all suggestions for OOTM and other T-Pose articles for the future! And so, without further ado; may the best-dressed win!


Hollis Forsythe - Psychonauts 2

25th of August on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS

T POSE 2108 Hollis Forsythe

This is not just a power suit. This is an ‘80s-inspired, shoulder-padded, pinstripe power suit and you need to have some serious confidence to pull it off. Luckily Hollis Forsythe has confidence in spades.

As if Hollis wasn’t elegant and tall enough, this matching jacket and trousers use uniform, vertical lines to elongate her form even further, giving the impression that she would absolutely tower over you. Not one to go by halves, she also is wearing a substantial heel, showing her height is not something she shies away from.

It’s not all just up and down though as Hollis gives her outfit width with some extremely pointed shoulder pads and a flare out at the bottom of her jacket. This accentuates her tiny waist whilst showing that she also has some curves going on. More width is added by a wide-leg trouser with a below-the-knee cut off that would shave inches off some but seems to show off everlasting legs.

Colour-wise, everything is kept to a simple off-white and steel-blue. I feel like Hollis has probably studied colour-theory because she clearly knows her season and what shades suit her perfectly. The blue is especially noticeable in the buttons and a thick, luxe collar that looks like it might be velvet provides a statuesque, portrait platform.

Hollis means business and I will certainly be taking notes. - Emsey

Psychonauts 2 - Review

OOTM Hollis Forsythe

Midori Midorikawa - No More Heroes III

27th of August on Nintendo Switch

T POSE 2108 Midori Midorikawa

Midori Midorikawa, one of the main protagonists in Goichi Suda/SUDA51’s manga Red, Blue and Green, is a girl trying her best to escape the colour she was named after (while also dealing with powers, bullies, and such, but ya know, priorities). Who could blame her, seeing as her name is basically Green Green-River?

Well, it seems dear Midori got her wish, as her green-less outfit in No More Heroes III, in which she appears as a boss, is the perfect mix of casual and peak alternative fashion. Am I biased because I absolutely dressed like that from high school up until my first few years of college? Maybe.

Let’s start with the shawl! I am always a sucker for a nice shawl, especially a nice black one. Call me a reformed goth, but I love adding what is essentially a dark, partially lacey cloth to a casual red and black outfit. The shawl matching Midori’s mostly unseen skirt is also a nice touch. It makes me wonder, “did she buy this set together or did she just get lucky?” I envy that.

Next is her red scoop-neck top. Midori states that her favourite colour is red in the manga she first appears in and she proves it with the centerpiece of her look. While the graphic short-sleeve is not much, it clings to the right areas and does its job breaking up the shawl and skirt.

Let’s take a step back and look at what I consider to be an unfortunate choice in this outfit, but also something I absolutely did in high school. Call me a product of my time. Fishnet gloves. Different coloured fishnet gloves, at that. Need I even say more? Like, I was emo and I did have my collection of various gloves (and maybe still do), but with this outfit? She could have at least only worn the red one. I would have.

While we’re on the topic of gloves, let’s talk about the other accessories in this outfit. Belts. There are four red belts in this outfit and not a single one goes around Midori’s waist. Two around her arms, complementing her scene-kid gloves, and two around her boots. There’s no function for this, but it does look interesting. The choker (which I am not considering to be a belt but chokers are on thin ice) is also a nice touch. I actually read Red, Blue and Green trying to figure out if there was a purpose for the electronic device that serves as a choker, but I found nothing and she didn’t actually wear it for most of her appearance (if at all), so I’m assuming this is a pure fashion choice, which I appreciate.

Finally, we reach the end: those shoes! Once again, I have a personal bias, as I wore knee-high Converse for the majority of my freshman year in high school. I eventually got rid of them as the laces were not even remotely worth the trouble (cue me lacing my shoes up on the bus and first period every morning) and I eventually traded the Converse brand for the gold old Doc Marten, but they will always be peak fashion in my mind. These shoes, however, come with a twist. They’re platforms. Midori took classic emo knee-highs and made them into platform heels, and as a shortie, I gotta respect that. Truly iconic.

Overall, Midori Midorikawa’s classically alternative look is realistic in all the right ways and is an outfit many would be proud to wear. At the very least, you know the My Chemical Romance fans would dig it. - Charr

OOTM Midori Midorikawa

Mysterious Alter Ego Λ / Meltryllis (Ice Celebrity) - Fate/Grand Order [All In! Las Vegas Championship Match - Seven Duels of Swordbeauties!]

1st [Story Chapter Release]/4th of August [Summoning Campaign Release] on iOS and Android

T POSE 2108 Mysterious Alter Ego Lambda

To beat the summer heat, there’s nothing better than a swimsuit. This applies even when you’re a sadistic AI hailing from the moon’s supercomputer (don’t ask). Further, a darn good swimsuit is especially important when competing to see who the best Swimsuit Swordmaster is while also running a whole waterpark-themed casino in Las Vegas (seriously, don’t ask). No one knows this better than Meltryllis, currently appearing under the pseudonym “Mysterious Alter Ego Λ” (or “Lambda”), appearing in her special “Ice Celebrity” outfit.

The centerpiece of “Ice Celebrity” is undeniably the majestic black and white parka approximating the appearance of an unstoppable Leviathan. Don’t get confused and think that this is totally a penguin suit. According to Lambda herself, this is objectively a Leviathan. The parka may be simply designed, but the black and white combo is a classic for a reason and pairs beautifully with Lambda’s sleek prosthetics. Speaking of the prosthetics, they are beautifully elegant and come to a sharp point, excellently accentuating Lambda’s ballet talents in motion.

As for the hood, the penguin Leviathan parka completes itself with a pair of large googly eyes that look dead inside and a functional bright yellow shade that looks very much like the majestic creature’s beak. This completes the image of a face and makes absolutely sure you know what animal is being represented. That shade-beak serves double duty as well, keeping the summer sun out of Lambda’s face, doubling down on her sleek sunglasses that themselves complete the “Celebrity” look. And just like a present, the whole piece is tied up with Meltryills’ signature blue bow on top, primarily as a reference to her usual outfit.

Some aspects of the outfit may seem shockingly shoddy or out-of-place, but Lambda’s cool demeanor and decision to model herself on the best aquatic animal pull through to make “Ice Celebrity” an outfit for the ages. - Erin

OOTM Mysterious Alter Ego Lambda


13th of August on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, XBOX One, Xbox Series X|S

T POSE 2108 Nyx

Though the eternal cycle of battle, death, and defeat may become monotonous after a few centuries, the immortal inhabitants of the Underworld seem to uphold an impeccable sense of style & fashion - who knew hell was such a thirst trap?!

Picking only one Olympian or Chthonic god from a litany of dashing deities was a challenge in and of itself - had I spent any longer deciding, I would succumb to madness! Absolute lunacy! Perhaps I already have… fitting for a lunatic to fall for the goddess of the night.

Nyx a.k.a. Mother Night and caretaker to protagonist Zagreus embodies sophistication, class, and mystery that comes with being the literal personification of the night. Steeped in rich, deep purples and decorated in excessively opulent golds, and accented in red rubies and other shiny gemstones; tones that exemplify her wealth and rank within the underworld… better to be a queen of damned than a peasant on earth, I suppose!

It’s apt that she was born from chaos, as her indulgence of layers and accessories shroud Nyx to form a dreamy, fluid yet sharp chaotic silhouette. A key feature from many intricate details to highlight are her pauldrons: golden waxing and waning crescent moons that sit on her shoulders that ties the collar and cloak over her toga (as well as the moon motif to her representation).

Almost every surface area of her is clad in some form of grandiose jewelry: rings, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, a gauntlet, circlet, diadem, her collar piece… Nyx’s drip-game is more of a tsunami - and she still floats effortlessly with all that weight.

Nyx exudes a power of femininity to an extreme that works for her, and ultimately gives off pique “rich auntie” vibes that we all aspire to be. - Danielle

HADES - Review


Valeria - Boyfriend Dungeon

11th of August on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

T POSE 2108 Valeria

While Boyfriend Dungeon features plenty of potential candidates for both platonic or romantic relationships; when it comes to their choice of fashion, none catch our eye as much as Valeria.

Being a rebellious street artist by trade who is not only passionate about her craft but also about adventure, Valeria is an outgoing and fun person. She values honesty above all else and should you get along with her you are sure to have plenty of fun. Oh, she is also a dagger.

Her everyday outfit reflects her personality in many ways and while you might expect it to be something outlandish given her profession, Valeria instead opts for something more casual but by no means less fashionable. She wears ripped blue jeans and a black tank top, along with her signature brown coat which is always seen open and with the sleeves rolled up. To bring some flair to this look Valeria makes use of numerous accessories which really elevate the whole look.

For starters, both of Valeria’s arms feature several wristbands and bracelets ranging in size and colour, though many are bright gold. She also has a bright gold necklace which hangs low along with a smaller, purple gem necklace and a green earring. The final accessory Valera wears are a pair of light purple, fingerless gloves. Lastly, Valeria wears her long brown hair swept to one side and keeps her makeup light, if any, completing her stylish and natural look.

That’s not all though, as when Valeria turns into her weapon form she becomes a dagger which is decorated in a way that complements her everyday outfit. This dagger features a straight silver blade, complete with a gold ponment and cross-guard, along with a black grip finished with light blue/green gems. It’s a design that is very fitting of Valeria and goes to show that no matter the form, her fashion game is always on point. - Judgemental Waifu

Boyfriend Dungeon - Review

OOTM Valeria2


 That concludes not just August’s latest games, but also the summer season of 2021! And with that, we can announce our pick for Outfit of the Month - the statement piece penguin parka and Fate/Grand Order’s Mysterious Alter Ego Λ! Available on iOS and Android platforms!

T POSE OOTM COVER 008 Aug 21 v1.2

Thought there were any great looks we missed, or perhaps have any ideas of who to cover in next month's issue? Leave any and all hot takes in the comments section below!

T-Pose: Outfit of the Month
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