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T-Pose's: Outfit Of The Month - June 2021

T-Pose's: Outfit Of The Month - June 2021

Summer has arrived - And with it, has brought along some heat! There’s been no drought of videogames this month; and where there are games, there are virtual threads to admire (and maybe get some inspiration too!).

Our contenders for our hottest look of June have been nominated and ranked by the T-Pose Team, of which our aggregate score will determine and covet the title of “Outfit of the Month”!

As ever, we’d love to hear any suggestions for OOTM and other T-Pose articles for the future! And so, without further ado; may the best-dressed win!


Bowser - Mario Golf: Super Rush

25th of June 2021 on Nintendo Switch

T POSE 2106 Bowser

Look, Bowser isn’t usually known for his fashion sense - although wedding outfit Bowser in Super Mario Odyssey is *chef’s kiss*.

HOWEVER. Bowser has clearly decided enough is enough, and he’s sick of being outdone by a plumber with an unreasonable amount of outfit changes. Apparently, all it took was some golfing.

He has managed to incorporate the classic polo shirt and sun-visor (golfing staples) into an outfit that still shows his “unique” personality. The perfect match of scarlet and black make up the majority of his look’s colour-base and teamed with the epic studded bands, it just screams “I AM BOWSER” but also that maybe he still listens to Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge on repeat. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

I absolutely adore that the theme is so cohesive across his whole outfit, every aspect working perfectly together to present an intimidating vibe that would absolutely throw me off my putting game. Even the little white jaw-like detailing on his shoes adds to it, and shows that Bowser might just be an underrated fashionista.

Am I attracted to Bowser in this outfit? All I know is that if he was a Stardew Valley character I would probably have romanced him. - Emsey

OOTM Bowser

CyberConnect2 - Neptunia ReVerse

8th of June 2021 on PlayStation 5

T POSE 2106 CyberConnect2

Neptunia ReVerse is a game that revolves around a world known as Gamindustri and a war between four nations called the Console War. In a videogame that aims to turn the familiar gaming world into its own game, what could be better than faithful outfit design? CyberConnect2, also referred to as Cybercon, is the living (videogame) embodiment of the Japanese videogame studio she shares her name with. Her outfit shows just that.

Starting with the colours, Cybercon’s outfit is bright but not off-putting. The greens and whites are taken directly from the studio’s logo and the colours have never looked better. The green is used strategically to displace large areas of white, and it does its job pretty well. Oranges and blacks are used as accents, which is a daring choice but ultimately they are used too little. However, playing it safe is much better than being an eyesore, so the light usage of these accent colours is welcome.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff. Cybercon’s outfit references some of CyberConnect2’s greatest games. Her turtleneck crop-top vest resembles that of the amazingly fashionable Haseo from the .hack//G.U. series, but with fewer belts and more colour. In fact, Cybercon’s entire outfit feels like it is straight out of The World, the videogame inside a videogame and the main setting of the entire .hack franchise. Her hat resembles a common hat type in The World that is also worn by the main character of the original four .hack games, Kite, and the partial antagonist of the .hack//G.U. games, Tri-Edge. The tattoos throughout her body, though not technically part of the outfit, are similar to those of the character Black Rose from the same games, aside from the two CyberConnect2 logos on her cheeks, a reference to both Kite again and anime character Naruto, whom CyberConnect2 has made many games featuring. She also wears the legendary Twilight Bracelet, an important item in .hack and another reference to its wearer, Kite.

Cybercon’s outfit also references classic CyberConnect2 game Tail Concerto for the original PlayStation and its spiritual successor Solatorobo: Red The Hunted for the Nintendo DS. She sports a pair of large animal ears attached to her hat and a bushy tail, both referencing the anthropomorphic character-focused games. She also wears a pair of aviator goggles and a glove with a paw print on it, specifically referencing Solatorobo: Red The Hunted.

While Cybercon’s outfit contains a ridiculous amount of references to CyberConnect2 games, the beauty of it is that the outfit itself is unsuspecting. At first glance to the non-CyberConnect2 simp, it is just a cyber outfit that fits in a videogame world. It is a bit impractical, as videogame outfits tend to be, but makes up for it in personality. Without any knowledge of the outfit, it is still a bright coloured combination of a crop-top and shorts fit for a cyber setting. And honestly, you can never go wrong with that.

However, it is the extra bit of CyberConnect2 love that sells the outfit. - Charr

OOTM CyberConnect2

I-No - Guilty Gear -STRIVE-

11th of June, 2021 on Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5

T POSE 2106 I No

With how quickly some fashion trends can change, time travelers like I-No can have a hard time picking a good, consistent look and an even more difficult time updating said look. That being said, I know I-No rocks her new digs.

From the tip of her witch hat to the toes of her thigh-high heels, I-No is covered in red, a colour paired beautifully with her black hair, top, fingerless gloves, heels, and more. Not to mention the white undersides of her hat, jacket, and leg drapes completing that colour scheme while also implying a sense of power and movement, as though she is playing against the wind.

What’s more, that almost rebellious spirit is further exemplified with I-No’s shoulderless jacket giving way to a midriff-baring black top complete with popped collar and a choker underneath. Plus the fingerless gloves, which loosely hold onto a Surf Green guitar that just so happens to match the sunglasses just barely visible underneath the wide rim of her skull-emblazoned witch hat.

Every inch of I-No’s outfit oozes style, from the black tips on her drapes that give her look a neatly jagged appearance to her repeated integration of silver. The only part that doesn’t speak to me is her extravagantly huge brown belt. I don’t know, the garish garment just seems to clash next to all the red and I can’t help but feel like it would mesh better if it were a darker brown like her guitar straps. All the same, with how much I-No exudes coolness, I doubt she cares. - Erin


Rivet - Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

11th of June 2021 on PlayStation 5

T POSE 2106 Rivet

We all know we shouldn’t mess around with time travel, perhaps we should apply the same amount of caution to other dimensions! In the realms of Ratchet & Clank, dimension-hopping doesn’t seem to be as catastrophic - in fact, you could probably find a few friends along the way!

For Ratchet and Rivet (both being a rare species of intelligent intergalactic critters), finding any Lombax-ian is a cause for celebration! If her name wasn’t a giveaway, Rivet is also a skilled engineer (if that wasn’t hard to tell from her attire and bright yellow mechanical arm).

In theory, the blueprint of Rivet’s outfit should feel cluttered: decorated in a series of buckles, bolts, and straps - mixing and layering a variety of materials and fabrics. However, the final product is both thematically rich and subtle… especially for an animated bipedal creature.

Brown leather knee-high combat boots, gloves, harness, and headband top and tail the look, with splashes of bright orange accenting the steel instep of the boot, cuff on the gloves, and on her cable knit scarf. Similarly, the steel motif repeats on her footwear, as a belt, and appears again as chunky silver hoops on her… ear… fins?

Rivet dons a rather sporty, superhero-inspired black and grey kevlar jumpsuit, with rubberised joints along the knees, calves, and ribs; and finishing the look with a pair of glowing electronic blue buckles on her chest and belt.

Hopefully, these humanoid-like feline creatures came about naturally, and not a result of a botched anime cat-people experiment. - Danielle

OOTM Rivet


It’s been a sweltering start to the summer, but one look was cool enough to beat the heat! This month’s Outfit Of The Month goes to the hard rockin’ witch I-No from the game Guilty Gear -STRIVE- available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows platforms!

T POSE OOTM COVER 006 Jun 21 v2

Thought there were any great looks we missed, or perhaps have any ideas of who to cover in next month's issue? Leave any and all hot takes in the comments section below!

T-Pose: Outfit of the Month
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