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GameGrin Advent Extravaganza 2018 - 6th December

GameGrin Advent Extravaganza 2018 - 6th December

It's time for the 2018 GameGrin Advent Extravaganza! Every day until 25th December we're going to be giving away a free game to a random commenter, so be sure to check the Winners' Hub to see if you've got a prize waiting. (If you have, you can claim through our social media platforms.)

The game up for grabs today is...

Tesla vs Lovecraft (Steam Code)

For a chance to win the game, all you have to do is leave a comment below. The winner will then be chosen at random and announced in the Winners' Hub tomorrow at 8pm (GMT).

GameGrin Advent Extravaganza 2018
Emsey P. Walker

Emsey P. Walker

Junior Editor

Emsey is a lover of games and penguins. Apparently she does some writing too...somewhere...

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dominoid - 08:39pm, 6th December 2018

"It all began when I was walking through these very woods" began James. "I was just getting my daily exercise when I stepped in a rather large cat poo. I tried to scrape it off with a stick, but that only made it worse, so I decided the best thing to do would be to find the cat responsible and destroy it. Because everyone knows that when you kill the animal which made the poo, the poo turns into flowers and everything is OK again. I think so anyway, that might actually be vampires, but it's too late now."

James continued: "I was hunting for hours, and eventually I found the cat. It was incredibly round, almost spherical. I asked the spherical cat if it was the creator of the filth that was currently stuck in the treads of my favourite pair of Sketchers, and he said that he was." Rasher was intrigued, and asked the television chef to continue.

"Well I can only remember so much after that. I attempted to attack the spherical cat, but it turns out that spherical cats are the most magical of cats and so he put a curse on me, making me live inside that box forever. By opening the box and pooing in it, you have broken the curse, but I fear a worse fate may befall you now Rasher". "What could possibly be worse than livin in a box?" asked Rasher. "Erm, perhaps that" said famous television chef Ainsley Harriott, pointing over Rasher's shoulder, and they all looked. Rasher's face dropped as he realised what it was it was that he was now face to face with.

AJCrowley - 10:24am, 7th December 2018

Yay, some Lovecraft :D

Acelister - 10:29am, 7th December 2018

Do you love(craft) it?