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GameGrin Advent Extravaganza 2018 - 8th December

GameGrin Advent Extravaganza 2018 - 8th December

It's time for the 2018 GameGrin Advent Extravaganza! Every day until 25th December we're going to be giving away a free game to a random commenter, so be sure to check the Winners' Hub to see if you've got a prize waiting. (If you have, you can claim through our social media platforms.)

The game up for grabs today is...

Dead Rising 4 (Steam Code)

For a chance to win the game, all you have to do is leave a comment below. The winner will then be chosen at random and announced in the Winners' Hub tomorrow at 8pm (GMT).

GameGrin Advent Extravaganza 2018
Emsey P. Walker

Emsey P. Walker

Junior Editor

Emsey is a lover of games and penguins. Apparently she does some writing too...somewhere...

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GarySheppard - 08:11pm, 8th December 2018

Chapter two

Ginge was worried. He was often worried, but today he was more worried than usual. His pet lemur had escaped and got into the heating ducts at work again. This was something that happened a lot, but it didn't usually happen when the lemur was carrying 56 litres of hot sauce. Ginge's lemur was strong for her size.

So far, he'd managed to find 36 pens, 132 used tissues, a copy of Razzle, and a half-eaten sandwich, but no lemur. Susan, which he always maintained was a perfectly normal name for a lemur, was clearly not wanting to be found today. But then he heard it. It was only faint at first, but as he turned the corner into corridoor number 42, it was unmistakable: '90s girl band Shampoo were staging a concert in the heating ducts for the assembled masses of lemurs, led by Susan.

Ginge shook his head, muttered "not again", and turned round to go back to work. He had a deadline that was 8 months overdue and really needed to get started on his writing. Plus, Susan wouldn't leave before they'd played "I Know What Boys Like", it was her favourite song.

Acelister - 08:13pm, 8th December 2018

You wouldn't catch me dead wanting this game

- 09:01pm, 8th December 2018

yes, yes, yes, gotta love Dead Rising! 

Jessica - 09:06pm, 8th December 2018

I kind of logged into the incorrect account lol, might be a little drunk

fortuna730 - 02:18am, 9th December 2018

I really want to play this game)))

AJCrowley - 08:04pm, 9th December 2018

oops, missed this one?