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GameGrin Advent Extravaganza 2018 - 21st December

GameGrin Advent Extravaganza 2018 - 21st December

It's time for the 2018 GameGrin Advent Extravaganza! Every day until 25th December we're going to be giving away a free game to a random commenter, so be sure to check the Winners' Hub to see if you've got a prize waiting. (If you have, you can claim through our social media platforms.)

The game up for grabs today is...

Farm Manager 2018 (Steam Code)

For a chance to win the game, all you have to do is leave a comment below. The winner will then be chosen at random and announced in the Winners' Hub tomorrow at 8pm (GMT).

GameGrin Advent Extravaganza 2018
Emsey P. Walker

Emsey P. Walker

Junior Editor

Emsey is a lover of games and penguins. Apparently she does some writing too...somewhere...

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GarySheppard - 08:03pm, 21st December 2018

The sweat on Rash's brow wasn't just a mark of fear like Platinum might have thought, he was also carefully timing his gastrointestinal system. It was pretty active at the best of times, but when he was this scared, it was sure to get a little bit more intense. He held it with all his might though, keeping his sphincter tighter than Ginge when a round is due.

The moment came, and everything seemed to approach slow motion. With perfect precision and timing, Rasher unleashed the largest fart that he had ever done in his life. So powerful it was, he could feel the very fabric of time being disrupted, let alone the fabric of his trousers.

The gust of highly flammable arse gas took Platinum by surprise, but the wall of flame which accompanied it didn't. Even with his superhuman reflexes, there was nothing that Platinum could do, and he was forcibly ejected from his wheelchair, bouncing behind a pillar. With no line of sight any more and no mobility, he was unable to retaliate, and Rasher was safe. There was still the small problem of being bound and gagged in an abandoned warehouse though. Rasher determined that this was going to need some more thinking.

Platinum - 03:21am, 22nd December 2018

Soon Rashers fleeting hope was dashed, he looked over at where he once saw Platinums smoldering corpse, in the ashes he saw movement, rising from the ashes was a gleaming metalic robot Platinum, the T-Crip, Skynet was real and it was out to get him.

The T-Crip was sent from the future to torture Rasher into holding more LAN's, Rasher tried to resist but it was no use, the cyborg had him cornerd and there was nothing he could do, he had do submit and plan a 5 day LAN for easter 2019.....

AJCrowley - 12:53am, 22nd December 2018


Cronos - 05:44am, 22nd December 2018

I've got a brand new combine harvester

Acelister - 05:40pm, 22nd December 2018

Farming words!

listy - 01:24pm, 23rd December 2018

woot farming....