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Get Your Blood Going with Battlefield 1 Gameplay Trailer

Following the Battlefield 1 reveal just over a month ago, E3 brought us some high-octane juicy gameplay trailer, as well as livestream of some actual gameplay.

Set in any of the big battles or skirmishes across the world during the WWI, BF1 promises to be 'no ordinary game' with an over-the-top and colourful Hergé-inspired take on one of the most significant wars in history. 

For no reason we can come up with,  Jamie Foxx and Zac Efron had the fundamental function to sit back and look cool in the background.

Zeppelins, horses, antiquated AA guns, you name it. Destruction and weather conditions will affect the battle, changing the something more than the colour scheme of the map. 



E3 2016 - News
Borja Vilar Martos

Borja Vilar Martos

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