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Just Dance 2017 Announced

Ubisoft opened their E3 show with a glorious song and dance routine. They brought us people dressed as lightning, giant tutu skirts and dancing giraffes, set to a backing of Queen's Don't Stop me Now. This wasn't just a big intro though, this was their way of announcing the latest entry in their popular dancing series, Just Dance 2017

The game will be coming to almost every system in October, with the NX version coming next year. There's 40 new songs, including works by Justin Bieber, Queen, Fifth Harmony ft. Kid Ink and Hatsune Miku. Of course, the Just Dance Unlimited service continues so you can dance to over 200 songs from that. Check out the first trailer above for more details. 

E3 2016 - News

Gary "Dombalurina" Sheppard

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